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The MTB brakes have the function of reducing the speed and stopping it in all conditions: in the rain, in the mud, in the dust ..., it is a safety device made up of two independent systems, one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel.

Characteristics of MTB brakes:

The braking system of a MTB is controlled by cable or hydraulic brake levers. When the control is by cable the assembly is made by pivots of the V-Brake or Cantilever type for which brake pads come to rub on the rim or by a disc brake caliper for mountain bikes. In the case of a hydraulic control, the braking can be done by a hydraulic caliper whose pads rub on the rims (Magura specialized in this type of configuration), or by means of an MTB disc brake assembly for which brake pads are pushed by pistons on a disc, braking is done by friction between the disc and the brake pads.

V-Brake or cantilever brakes are lighter than hydraulic disc or caliper assemblies but they are less efficient for long braking and in severe environmental conditions such as mud, sand, rain, ... In addition, in the event of wheel runout, the braking quality of an MTB disc brake will be constant while the pads of V-brakes and cantilevers will tend to touch the rim.

Here are the criteria for choosing MTB brakes:

  •     mounting type (pivots on the fork and on the frame = cantilever or v-brake), (mounting bracket 2 holes on the frame and on the fork = disc brake)
  •     type of use

Accessories for rim brake, disc brake and mtb brake lever:

MTB brakes brands such as Magura, Hayes, Avid, Promax, Shimano, Sram, Formula, ... offer spare parts such as brake discs and pads, alternative brands are also specialized in this type of spare parts such as brake authority, Magura, ebc, bbb, fibrax, ritchey, ...

We offer IS and post mount brake adapters for fix the brake caliper to the frame and fork, brake discs of all sizes, fixing screws, brake cables and sheaths, hoses, replacement brake levers, pins, covers, brake pads and disc brake fluid.

Over 350 brands and many models are available in our shop.

The braking system being a safety organ, do not hesitate to call a professional for the maintenance or repair of the brakes of your MTB.