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The MTB handlebar or mountain bike handlebar consist of a generally straight or slightly curved round tube towards the cyclist, it can be raised or semi-raised depending on the use, it is a key component in the position you will have on your bike. 

A more upright riding position will improve your comfort and will be more suitable for jumps, a lower position will be more suitable for use in competition and looking for performance in cross country.

Function of a MTB :

Indeed, the mtb handlebar for a cross country use will be rather flat while in freeride, enduro or downhill it will be semi raised or raised. Its width has increased in recent years in order to obtain more stability and maneuverability. Many brands and models exist and are offered in our shop such as Ritchey, Race Face, FSA, Zoom, Specialized,…

The mountain bike handlebar can be in aluminum alloy or carbon for the top-of-the-range models which is lighter and more rigid but not recyclable.

Unlike road bike handlebars, the number of hand positions on an MTB handlebar is reduced to holding handles (without extensions).

Assembly of a MTB handlebar:

mountain bike handlebar is fixed by the center on a stem. Here are the selection and compatibility criteria:

  •     diameter of the interface with the stem, it is generally 25.4 mm or 31.8 mm (oversize).
  •     its width
  •     its enhancement value in the case of a raised or semi-raised hanger
  •     for some models, the curvature value towards the user

We propose stems and handlebars that can be assembled together, in which case you will need to choose compatible mounting diameters.

Replacing a MTB handlebar is a simple operation that does not require any specific tools or knowledges, a set of allen keys can be enough to change it. Be careful, however, to respect the tightening torques of the stem screws, the gear levers and the brake levers so as not to damage the threads & threads of these components.

This device does not require any maintenance, cleaning and regular visual inspection are nevertheless recommended in order to detect any anomaly or deformation which could be abnormal.

A handlebar is an item having an impact on the safety of use, in the event of a fall having caused its deformation or crack, it must be replaced.

Accessories for mountain bike handlebar:

Many components can be assembled on a handlebar such as bar ends to obtain a raised position and better grip of the handlebars in a mounted for example, brake levers, shifters and bar ends or grips. But it can also be used as a computer, lighting, heart rate monitor, etc.

We offer a wide choice of second hand or new cleared parts and equipment at the best price from more than 350 brands such as: Ritchey, Race FaceSyncros, Sigma, Kryptonite, Tranz X,….