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A MTB saddle is a key component in your comfort.

Function of a MTB saddle:

The structure of a mtb saddle differs from that of a road bike, a BMX or a city bike. Indeed, the shell of a MTB saddle is more flexible, the thickness of foam is greater and it is shorter than the saddle of road bikes.

Depending on the use, the shape and dimensions may vary, the saddle of a mountain bike for downhill or enduro practice will be longer and slightly wider than that of a cross country or freeride mountain bike. Multiple variants exist, an MTB saddle can be full, open in the center, of different materials: synthetic leather, carbon ... and with or without seams on the top.

Some brands offer a gel insert to increase comfort at certain support points. Selle Italia, Fizik, Selle Royal, ... are some of the most popular brands.

Here are the criteria for choosing a mtb saddle:

  • the gender, is the saddle for a woman or a man? The points of support are not the same, the saddle manufacturers have therefore defined specific shapes according to the morphology of the cyclist
  • mtb saddle is generally not flat, it can be partially or completely split and the semi-open forms allow to limit the pressure on the perineum and therefore to improve the comfort of the greatest number.
  • the type of use (cross country, freeride, enduro or downhill)
  • your morphology, some people do not support seams or certain forms of opening, this criteria is personal and can only be defined by the experience of each
  • the weight, new materials such as carbon or titanium are used in the constitution of the rails, carbon is used for the shell, they allow a gain in weight but also an increase in strength and stiffness of the saddle
  • the shape and width of the saddle

Here some examples of MTB saddles brands: Fizik, Selle Italia, San Marco,...

Assembly of a MTB saddle:

MTB saddle is made up of two rails whose spacing and diameter is standard, they are fixed to a seatpost by means of a carriage secured to a seat tube.

Replacing and mounting a saddle is a quick and easy operation, however it requires a standard tool.

Maintenance and replacement of a MTB saddle:

MTB saddle does not require any particular follow-up, however cleaning with soapy water regularly helps to maintain an acceptable appearance.

In the event of deformation following a fall, it should be replaced so as not to unbalance your support points.

A crack in the support is also an indicator of the end of life of your MTB saddle.

Accessories for MTB saddle:

It is possible to add a saddle cover to improve the comfort of your supports, this accessory is available in our shop. Numerous seatposts, seat clamps and tools are also available.

We offer a wide choice of components and spare parts revised and checked in second hand condition or new cleared from among more than 350 brands and models availble in stock at the best price ! Whatever your level of use, our offer is aimed at all cyclists.