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The MTB pedal is fixed on the cranks of the crankset, it allows to transmit the power of the cyclist in the drivetrain towards the rear driving wheel.

Use of mountain bike pedals:

MTB pedals can be flat for use with regular athletic shoes or clipless pedals that require stiff soled shoes with a cleat to attach to them.

Unlike automatic pedals for road bikes, automatic mountain bike pedals are equipped with two snap-on faces, they can work in all conditions: mud, sand, rain, ... The automatic mountain bike pedal allows more efficient pedaling and more fluid than the flat pedal because the user's foot, the shoe and the MTB pedal form a fixed whole.

There are two standards for threading the axle for their attachment to the cranks:

  • the French standard 14mm x 1.25mm used until the beginning of the 90s, this standard is no longer relevant
  • the international standard 9/16 ″ x 20 threads per inch (i.e. 14.29mm x 1.27mm) found on almost all mountain bikes currently manufactured

The system for attaching the cleats to the pedals is specific to each manufacturer and model of MTB pedal, however the interface for fixing to the shoe is standard (via 2 holes).

Clipless pedals are mainly used for cross country or freeride practice.

For enduro or downhill, flat pedals with spikes on both sides are more suitable because the removal of the foot is easier and faster, for this practice the support surface of the mountain bike pedal must be as wide as possible . Since the studs tend to stick into the sole, the grip between the shoe and the pedal is good. On high-end models of MTB pedals of this type, there are several shapes of spikes which are interchangeable.

Given the sometimes extreme conditions that the pedals will have to undergo (mud, sand, etc.) it is necessary to choose a model with good discharge of pollutants, indeed an excess of mud can for example block the locking system of the MTB pedals .

Assembly, maintenance and replacement:

Attaching the MTB pedals to the cranks may require a pedal wrench or a set of Allen wrench. Assembling the cleats on the shoes will require an allen key.

MTB pedal is a component exposed to shocks and the elements, it is necessary to clean your pedals with soapy water without pressure, to check the movements with the axle. The bearings do not require maintenance, they are greased for life because they are mounted in a sealed cartridge.

Excessive movements indicates a pronounced state of wear of the pedal in which the bearing after being stressed and after having been subjected to impacts has degraded.


We offer a large number of components for your MTB, such as cleats for your pedals, shoes, cranks, cranksets and assembly tools among more than 350 brands offered in used condition or new out of stock at the best price. .

Here are some examples of pedal brands: Time, Look cycle, crankbrothers, ...