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Bicycle bottle cage
  • Bicycle bottle cage

Bicycle bottle cage

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Bicycle bottle cage Newton

  • material : plastic,

  • colour: white,

  • 2 screws supplied,

  • weight 38 grams,

  • new with packaging

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Use of this bicycle bottle cage :

White Newton bicycle bottle cage, it is light, it will ensure a very good hold of your bottle on your city bike, electric bike, mountain bike, road bike, gravel or fixie. Its ergonomy shape allows easy grip of the cycling bottle while riding when it is assembled on the down tube or on the vertical tube of the frame.


Compatibility of this Newton bicycle bottle cage:

This Newton bicycle bottle cage is compatible with all standard diameter cylindrical cycling bottles whether large, plastic or thermal metal. It is fixed to the frame by two M5 screws with hexagonal heads which are supplied, the center distance of the fixing holes is standard. Be careful to respect the tightening torque of this screw diameter in order not to damage the fixing of the bicycle bottle cage, the ideal is to use a torque wrench to reach a accurate force value.

Maintenance of this Newton bicycle bottle cage:

To maintain the integrity of this Newton bicycle bottle cage it is necessary to clean it regularly with soapy water in order to evacuate the accumulation of pollutants. In the event of a fall, it is recommended to check that parts of the bicycle bottle holder are not cracked or broken.

Components in addition to this Newton bicycle bottle cage:

We offer a large number of parts and accessories that can be used with this bike bottle cage such as cycle bottles, pumps, saddlebags, repair kits, saddle covers, computers or bells.
Components in used condition are cleaned and checked, their state of wear is rated on a scale of 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging). The parts and accessories in new condition come from stock clearance and offered in small quantities at the best price, this is the case with this bicycle bottle cage.
Newton is a brand specialized in the distribution of bicycle accessories.


Data sheet

10: new with packaging

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