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FSA stem OS 190 length 100 mm
FSA OS 190 stem 100 mm +/-6° 1"1/8
FSA OS 190 stem 100 mm +/-6°
FSA OS 190 stem 100 mm
FSA OS 190 stem
FSA stem OS 190 length 100 mm
FSA OS 190 stem 100 mm +/-6° 1"1/8
FSA OS 190 stem 100 mm +/-6°
FSA OS 190 stem 100 mm
FSA OS 190 stem

FSA stem OS 190 length 100 mm


FSA stem OS 190

  • length between axles 100 mm

  • aluminium forged
  • colour: black
  • angle +/-6°

  • for a fork tube diameter 1"1/8

  • for a handlebar oversize diameter 31.8 mm

  • weight 155 grams

  • used in a medium condition, some scratches

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Use of this FSA stem:

This FSA stem can be used on a road bike, mountain bike, e-bike, fixie, gravel, city bike. Its 6 degree angle allows a raised position or slightly tilted.

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Compatibility of this FSA stem:

The FSA stem is designed to be fixed on a smooth fork tube diameter 1 "1/8 (25.4 mm) and with a handlebar whose fixing diameter is 31.8 mm (oversize).It is made of forged aluminum, this process allows good mechanical strength and weight gain. Its anodization is resistant to scratches, oxidation and UV attacks.

FSA is a brand specialized in the design and manufacture of peripherals for road bikes and mountain bikes.

Assembly of this FSA stem:

The assembly of this FSA stem requires a set of allen wrenches and ideally a torque wrench.


  • remove the stem cover
  • remove the handlebar mounting cover
  • unscrew and disassemble the stem from the fork tube
  • put the FSA stem on the fork tube
  • place the handlebar in the mounting interface of the FSA stem then assemble and hand tighten its mounting cover
  • assemble and hand tighten the headset cover
  • orient the handlebar in the axle of the wheel then torque the stem fixing
  • adjust the headset
  • torque tighten the FSA stem mounting points on the fork tube

Accessories in addition to the FSA stem:

We offer a large number of components in addition to this FSA stem such as headsets, forks and handlebars, as well as a set of tools for assembly and adjustment.

Parts and accessories in used condition are checked, their condition is noted on a scale from 0 to 10 (new in its packaging). New parts come from clearances and are offered at the best price.

Check points of this used FSA stem:

The used parts, accessories and equipment that we offer on our site are cleaned and checked.

Here are the characteristics of this FSA stem which were checked before its sale:

  • visual control,
  • verification of screwed interfaces (threads and screw threads)
  • Visual observations have made it possible to identify scratches which have removed the anodization in places (see pictures) but they have no impact on the mechanical strength of the FSA stem. The screwed elements are in good condition.

Based on these observations we have rated the general condition of this FSA stem at a level of 5 on a scale from 0 (poor condition for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).

OS 190

Data sheet

5: less than 50% of wear
100 mm
Handlebar diameter
31,8 mm (oversize)
Fork tube diameter

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