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Stem Dedacciai Zero100 white 90 mm zoom_in
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  • Stem Dedacciai Zero100 white 90 mm
  • Stem Dedacciai Zero100 90 mm
  • Stem Dedacciai Zero100 white
  • Stem Dedacciai Zero100 white 90 mm for road bike
  • Stem Dedacciai Zero100 white 90 mm for mtb
  • Stem Dedacciai Zero100 white 90 mm aluminium
  • Stem Dedacciai Zero100 white 90 mm OS

Dedacciai Zero100 stem white OS

  • Zero100
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Dedacciai Zero100 stem 

  • length available 90 mm and 100 mm

  • angle 8 degrees

  • aluminium forged,

  • for a fork tube diameter 1"1/8 (28,6 mm)

  • for an handlebar diameter 31,8 mm

  • weight 116 grams

  • new without packaging


Deda Zero 100 Stem: The Key Element to Optimize Your Riding Position

Seasoned cyclists know that every component of their bike plays a crucial role in their riding experience. Among these components, the stem is often overlooked, but it plays an essential role in the riding position and comfort on the bike. In this article, we'll explore the Deda Zero 100 stem, a popular choice among demanding cyclists looking to improve their position on the bike.

The Importance of Stem in Riding Position

The stem is the part that connects the handlebars to the fork of your bike. It directly influences the riding position, including the height, length and angle of the handlebars. This position is crucial for your comfort, aerodynamics and your ability to handle the bike well.

Discovering the Deda Zero 100 Stem

The Deda Zero 100 stem is a premium product manufactured by Deda Elementi, a renowned Italian brand in the cycling industry. It stands out for several features that make it a popular choice among experienced cyclists.

1. High Quality Materials

The Deda Zero 100 stem is made from high quality materials. You can choose between aluminum or carbon depending on your specific preferences and needs. Aluminum offers great robustness, while carbon stands out for its lightness and vibration absorption properties.

2. Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamics is a key factor for cyclists looking to optimize their speed on the road. The Deda Zero 100 stem features an aerodynamic design that reduces drag, improving the overall efficiency of the bike. This means you can cover the same distance faster with less effort, which is essential for competitions and long rides.

3. Variety of Sizes Available

Every rider is unique, and it's essential to choose a stem that matches your body type and riding preferences. The Deda Zero 100 stem is available in a variety of lengths and angles, allowing you to customize your riding position for optimal comfort. Whether you prefer a more upright, relaxed position or a more aggressive position for competition, the Deda Zero 100 has an option to suit you.

4. Ease of Assembly

Installing a stem may seem complicated, but the Deda Zero 100 is designed for simple and efficient assembly. Experienced cyclists and amateur mechanics can install it without difficulty. Plus, it's compatible with a wide variety of handlebars and forks, making it a versatile choice for most bikes.

5. Stability and Performance

The Deda Zero 100 offers great stability, which is essential for precise and safe driving. It also helps improve the responsiveness of your bike, which is crucial in demanding riding situations. Whether you're road cycling, mountain biking or cyclocross, the Deda Zero 100 will improve your performance.

The Advantages of the Deda Zero 100 Stem

Now that we have looked at the features of the Deda Zero 100 stem, it is time to talk about its benefits and how it can improve your cycling experience.

1. Improved Comfort

A poor riding position can lead to pain and discomfort during long rides. The Deda Zero 100 stem allows you to customize your riding position, reducing pressure on your hands, arms and back. A precise fit allows you to pedal longer without excessive fatigue.

2. Better Aerodynamics

If you're looking for speed, better aerodynamics are essential. The aerodynamic design of the Deda Zero 100 stem reduces drag, allowing you to cut through the air more efficiently. This way you can increase your speed while spending less energy.

3. Versatility

Whether you're a competitive cyclist or a passionate amateur, the Deda Zero 100 stem adapts to your riding style. It is available in different lengths and angles to suit a variety of preferences. This means you can customize your bike to meet your specific needs, whether you ride on flat or mountainous terrain.

4. Sustainability

The Deda Zero 100 is built to last. The high-quality materials ensure that it withstands the stresses and impacts you may encounter during your outings. You can be confident in its durability no matter what conditions you face.

5. Improved Performance

When you improve the stability and aerodynamics of your bike, you also improve your performance. The Deda Zero 100 stem contributes to a smoother, more responsive ride, helping you tackle turns and descents with confidence.

How to Choose the Right Deda Zero 100 Stem

When considering purchasing a Deda Zero 100 stem, consider the following factors to make the best choice:

1. Length

The length of the stem determines the distance between the handlebars and the fork. A shorter stem provides a higher riding position and reduces reach, which is ideal for riders looking for comfort. A longer stem allows for a more aerodynamic position, suitable for those who prioritize speed.

2. Angle

The angle of the stem determines the inclination of the handlebars in relation to the fork. A positive angle tilts the handlebars up, providing a more upright riding position, while a negative angle tilts the handlebars down for a more aerodynamic position. Choose the angle based on your riding preference and body type.

3. Material

The Deda Zero 100 is available in aluminum and carbon. Aluminum is known for its strength, while carbon is lightweight and provides vibration absorption. Choose the material that best suits your needs.


The Deda Zero 100 stem is an essential component for any cyclist looking to improve their riding position, aerodynamics, comfort and performance. Investing in this high quality stem is a step in the right direction for any serious cyclist. Don't let your bike's stem be a weak link - choose the quality and performance of the Deda Zero 100 stem to push your limits on the road. When installing the stem, be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and maintain tightening tolerances for optimal use. With the Deda Zero 100 stem, you are ready for an optimal cycling experience, whether in competition, on a ride or during your training rides. Don't overlook the importance of this component, as it can have a significant impact on your comfort and performance. Trust Deda Elementi to provide you with the optimal driving position, whatever your preference. Don't wait, improve your cycling experience today with the Deda Zero 100 stem.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    9: new without packaging

  • Length

    90 mm
    100 mm

  • Handlebar stem interface diameter

    31,8 mm (oversize)

  • Fork tube diameter


  • Use

    Road bike


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