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  • Ritchey stem Comp 120 mm
  • Ritchey Comp
  • Ritchey Comp stem 120 mm
  • Ritchey Comp stem 120 mm 1"1/8
  • Ritchey Comp stem 120 mm 1"1/8 oversize

Ritchey stem Comp 120 mm

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Ritchey stem Comp, aluminium forged

  • length 120 mm

  • angle 6°

  • for a fork tube diameter 1"1/8 (28,6 mm)

  • for handlebar diameter 31,8 mm (oversize)

  • weight: 180 grams

  • new without packaging

Use of this Ritchey stem :

This Ritchey stem is designed to be assembled on a road bike, a MTB or a gravel 


Ritchey Stem: Excellence in Cycling Driving

When it comes to improving your cycling experience, choosing quality components is essential. The stem, the crucial component that connects the handlebars to the head tube, directly influences your posture, comfort, and performance. Ritchey, a legendary brand in the world of cycling, is known for its high quality products, including its stems. In this article, we'll explore in detail the Ritchey brand, the features of Ritchey stems, and the benefits they offer riders.

Ritchey's Reputation in the Cycling World

Founded by Tom Ritchey, a true cycling pioneer, the Ritchey brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and passion for cycling. Since its founding in 1974, Ritchey has been at the forefront of the cycling industry, developing high-performance components that have redefined industry standards. The brand is widely respected for its high-quality products and commitment to continuous improvement.

Ritchey is recognized for its role in popularizing all-terrain bicycles (MTBs) in the 1980s. Ritchey products have been used by many professional cyclists and contributed to numerous competition victories. The brand continues to innovate and develop cutting-edge products for cyclists of all levels, from amateur to professional.

Understanding the Importance of Stem in Cycling

The stem is a key component of the bicycle. It connects the handlebars to the bicycle's head tube and influences the rider's position on the machine. The importance of the stem in cycling cannot be overstated, as it has a direct impact on:

1. Position Adjustment:

The stem allows you to adjust the position of the handlebars in relation to the saddle, which can improve riding comfort and efficiency.

2. Stability and Control:

The length of the stem influences the stability and control of the bike. A shorter stem improves handling, while a longer stem improves stability at high speeds.

3. Power Optimization:

A suitable stem can improve the transmission of power from the legs to the pedals, resulting in better performance.

4. Tension Reduction:

A well-chosen stem can reduce strain on the neck, shoulders and back, which is essential for long rides.

Characteristics of Ritchey Stems

Ritchey stems stand out for their high-quality features, designed to deliver exceptional performance. Here are some of the key features of Ritchey stems:

1. Sustainability:

Ritchey stems are made from high-quality materials, making them resistant to the stresses and impacts common in cycling.

2. Ergonomic Design:

Ritchey stems are designed with an ergonomic design that promotes comfort and maneuverability, even on the most demanding terrain.

3. Lightness:

Ritchey is known for its lightweight components, which helps reduce the weight of the bike, thereby improving performance.

4. Compatibility:

Ritchey stems are compatible with a variety of bike types, making them suitable for many bike models and styles.

5. Aerodynamic Design:

Some Ritchey stem models are designed to improve aerodynamics, which is essential for cyclists looking to optimize their speed.

The Advantages of Ritchey Stems

Ritchey stems offer many benefits to cyclists, whether beginners or experts. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

1. Performance Improvement:

Ritchey stems are designed to optimize power transmission, handling and stability, resulting in better cycling performance.

2. Driving Comfort:

Ritchey stems are designed to optimize rider comfort, reducing fatigue and allowing you to ride longer.

3. Stability:

Ritchey stems provide excellent stability, which is essential for tackling difficult trails and fast descents.

4. Sustainability:

Ritchey stems are designed to withstand the stresses of cycling, ensuring a long lifespan.

5. Customization:

Ritchey offers a variety of stem lengths, angles and heights, allowing riders to customize their position on the bike to meet their specific needs.

The Different Types of Ritchey Stems

Ritchey offers a diverse range of stems, each tailored to specific needs. Here are some of the most popular types of Ritchey stems:

1. Standard Stem:

This is the classic stem designed for most bicycles. It offers a balance between maneuverability and stability.

2. Adjustable Stem:

Adjustable Ritchey stems allow riders to change the angle of the stem for a more personalized position.

3. Road Stem:

Ritchey road stems are designed for road bikes, offering an aerodynamic design to optimize speed.

4. MTB stem:

Ritchey MTB stems are designed for off-road, providing increased stability on rough terrain.

5. Carbon Stem:

Ritchey offers carbon stems that combine lightness and performance.

6. DH stem:

DH (Downhill) stems are designed for extreme MTB descents, providing maximum stability.

How to Choose the Ideal Ritchey Stem

When choosing a Ritchey stem for your bike, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure optimal fit. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal stem:

1. Driving Style:

Identify your cycling riding style, whether mountain biking, road cycling, touring, or city riding, to determine the most suitable type of stem.

2. Cyclist Size:

Your size and body shape influence the choice of stem length, angle and height.

3. Objectives:

Determine whether you are looking for more stability, maneuverability, or a more aerodynamic position for your bike rides.

4. Land:

Consider the terrain you ride on most frequently. Rough terrain generally requires a shorter stem for better maneuverability.

5. Budget:

Set a realistic budget before you start your search, as Ritchey stems are available in different price ranges.

6. Expert Advice:

If you have doubts or specific needs, consult experts in-store or online for recommendations.


Ritchey stems are a wise choice for cyclists looking to improve their position, comfort, and performance on the bike. When you choose a Ritchey stem, you are investing in quality, durability, and reliability. Don't underestimate the positive impact a well-chosen Ritchey stem can have on your bike rides. Prepare to ride with confidence and tackle challenges, whether on winding roads or rough trails, with a Ritchey stem that optimizes your position and cycling experience.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    9: new without packaging

  • Length

    120 mm

  • Handlebar stem interface diameter

    31,8 mm (oversize)

  • Fork tube diameter



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