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Ritchey seatpost 31.8 mm 310 mm used zoom_in
  • Ritchey seatpost 31.8 mm 310 mm used
  • Ritchey seatpost 31.8 mm 310 mm second hand condition
  • Ritchey seatpost 31.8 mm 310 mm used for MTB
  • Ritchey seatpost 31.8 mm 310 mm used for hybrid bike
  • Ritchey seatpost 31.8 mm 310 mm used for road bike

Ritchey seatpost 31.8 mm 310 mm used

  • 310 mm
  • 1 Item
  • Used


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Seatpost Ritchey 

  • diameter 31.8 mm

  • length 310 mm

  • material: aluminium

  • colour: natural

  • saddle offset 25 mm (distance between the tube axis and the center of the saddle fixture)

  • used in medium condition, scratches on the tube


Ritchey Seat Post: Elegance, Performance and Comfort Combined

The seat post of a bicycle is an essential element for the cyclist's comfort and performance. Ritchey seatposts, known for their quality and innovation, are a popular choice among cyclists around the world. In this article, we'll explore in detail the world of Ritchey seatposts, their history, their features, and why they are considered a top choice for cycling enthusiasts and professionals.

The Origin of Ritchey: Innovation and Excellence

Founded by Tom Ritchey in 1974, the Ritchey brand is synonymous with innovation and performance in the world of cycling. Tom Ritchey, a cycling enthusiast and talented designer, quickly gained a reputation for his high-quality components. He was one of the first to popularize the use of aluminum in the manufacture of bicycle frames and components.

The Ritchey seat post has been one of the brand's flagship products since its beginnings. It embodies Ritchey's commitment to quality, performance and elegant design.

The Characteristics of Ritchey Seat Posts

Ritchey seat posts are known for several distinct features that set them apart from other brands on the market. Here are some of these key features:

1. High Quality Materials

Ritchey seat posts are made from high quality materials, such as 3D forged aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. These materials offer an ideal combination of lightness, durability and strength, ensuring optimal performance.

2. Elegant Design

The sleek, sleek design of Ritchey seatposts makes them a popular choice among aesthetic cyclists. Their appearance fits harmoniously with a variety of bikes, from road bikes to mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes.

3. Clamping Technology

Ritchey seat posts incorporate advanced clamping technologies, such as the 2-bolt clamping system. This system allows precise adjustment of the saddle angle while maintaining great stability, which is essential for the comfort of the cyclist.

4. Wide Range of Sizes and Diameters:

Ritchey offers a wide range of seat post sizes and diameters to fit most bikes. This ensures that riders of all sizes and skill levels can find a Ritchey seatpost to suit their needs.

5. Vibration Reduction

Some Ritchey seatposts, especially carbon fiber ones, are designed to reduce road vibration. This improves rider comfort, especially on long rides.

Ritchey Aluminum Seat Posts

Ritchey aluminum seat posts are renowned for their lightness, strength and value for money. They are a great choice for cyclists of all levels. Aluminum models come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them versatile and adaptable to many types of bikes.

Ritchey WCS Seat Post

The Ritchey WCS (World Championship Series) seat post is an iconic example of the brand's excellence. Made from 3D forged aluminum, it offers great strength while remaining light. The 2-bolt clamping system allows precise adjustment of the saddle angle, which is essential for rider comfort. It is available in different diameter and length sizes to suit various applications.

Ritchey Carbon Fiber Seat Posts

Ritchey carbon fiber seat posts are designed for demanding cyclists looking for optimal performance and unparalleled comfort. Carbon fiber provides excellent absorption of road vibrations, reducing rider fatigue.

Ritchey Superlogic Carbon Seat Post

The Ritchey Superlogic Carbon seatpost is the flagship model of the carbon fiber range. It is made with premium high modulus carbon, offering an exceptional combination of lightness, stiffness and durability. Its elegant design fits perfectly with all types of bikes. This seat post is the ideal choice for cyclists looking for the best possible performance.

Ritchey Titanium Seat Posts

For riders looking for the ultimate in light weight and durability, Ritchey titanium seat posts are an excellent choice. Titanium is known for its exceptional strength and light weight, making it a material of choice for high-end bicycle components.

Ritchey WCS Titanium Seat Post

The Ritchey WCS Titanium seat post is an example of the exceptional quality of the brand's titanium products. It offers a combination of lightness, strength and durability. Titanium is also corrosion resistant, which extends the life of the seat post. This premium option is ideal for riders seeking elegance and superior performance.

Choosing the Right Ritchey Seat Post for Your Bike

Choosing which Ritchey seat post is best for your bike depends on several factors, including the type of bike you have, your riding style, and personal preferences. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Type of Bike

If you have a road bike, a Ritchey carbon fiber seatpost can improve comfort over long distances.

For a mountain bike, a durable Ritchey aluminum seat post is a solid choice.

If you're looking for the ultimate in performance, titanium models may be an attractive option.

2. Driving Style

If you're doing long rides on rough roads, a carbon fiber seat post with vibration absorption can improve your comfort.

Competitive cyclists can opt for titanium seat posts for optimal lightness.

3. Dimensions and Settings

Make sure you choose a seat post that matches the dimensions of your frame and saddle. Angle and position adjustments are also important for your comfort. A Ritchey seat post with a precise clamping system can be an asset.

Maintaining Your Ritchey Seat Post

To ensure the continued durability and performance of your Ritchey seat post, it is essential to maintain it regularly. Here are some tips for maintaining your seat post:

1. Cleaning

Clean your seat post regularly to remove dirt, mud and dust. Use a soft cloth and warm water to avoid damaging the surface.

2. Checking the Tightening

Check your seat post clamps regularly to ensure they are secure. Vibration and stress can cause gradual loosening.

3. Lubrication

Apply a thin layer of grease to the seat post contact points to prevent corrosion and make adjustments easier.

4. Inspection of Carbon Fiber Components

For carbon fiber seat posts, inspect components regularly for cracks or signs of fatigue. If you notice any problems, replace the seat post for safety reasons.


Ritchey seat posts are recognized for their excellence, performance and elegance. Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker or competitive bike enthusiast, there's a Ritchey seatpost to suit your needs. Choosing the right seat post contributes to your comfort and performance on the road or trail.

Investing in a Ritchey seatpost, whether it's an aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium model, is a smart choice for riders looking for quality and durability. With proper care, a Ritchey seat post can accompany you for many years of cycling, providing you with an exceptional experience on every ride.

Don't neglect the importance of your seat post for your comfort and performance. Opt for the quality and reliability of Ritchey seat posts to improve your cycling experience.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    5: less than 50% of wear

  • Diameter

    31.8 mm

  • Length

    310 mm

  • Offset

    25 mm


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