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MBK stem 90 mm 1"1/8 OS zoom_in
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  • MBK stem 90 mm 1"1/8 OS
  • MBK stem 90 mm
  • MBK stem
  • MBK stem 90 mm OS
  • MBK stem 1"1/8

MBK stem 90 mm 1"1/8 OS

  • 90 mm
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MBK stem, aluminium forged, new:

  • length 90 mm,

  • for a fork tube diameter 1"1/8 (28,6 mm),

  • for handlebar diameter 31,8 mm,

  • weight: 245 grams


90mm Stem: The Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Cycling Posture

When you ride your bike, your body position plays a crucial role in your riding experience. The stem, this small part located at the front of your bike, is an essential element that influences your posture, comfort and performance. Among the different stem sizes available, the 90mm stem is a popular choice. In this article, we will explore in detail the importance of the stem in cycling, the features of the 90mm stem, and the factors to consider when choosing the ideal stem for your bike.

The Importance of Stem in Cycling

The stem is the part that connects the handlebars to the head tube of the bike. It directly influences the rider's position on the bike, which impacts comfort, stability and performance. Here are some of the reasons why the stem is so important in cycling:

1. Position Adjustment:

The stem allows you to adjust the position of the handlebars in relation to the saddle, which can improve riding comfort.

2. Stability:

A suitable stem ensures better stability when sitting or descending.

3. Control:

The length of the stem influences the control of the bike. A shorter stem allows for better handling, while a longer stem improves stability at high speeds.

4. Tension Reduction:

A properly fitted stem reduces strain on the neck, shoulders and back, which is essential for long rides.

5. Power Optimization:

The stem influences body weight distribution, which can improve power transmission to the pedals.

Features of the 90mm Stem

The 90mm stem is one of the most common sizes used by many cyclists. It falls into a stem length range of 70mm to 130mm, making it a versatile choice. Here are some features of the 90mm stem:

1. Length:

The 90mm stem is 90 millimeters long, measured from the center of the head tube to the center of the handlebar clamp. This makes it an intermediate option, suitable for many types of bikes.

2. Versatility:

The 90mm stem is versatile, making it ideal for most styles of cycling, whether mountain biking, touring, or road cycling.

3. Maneuverability:

The 90mm stem offers a balance between maneuverability and stability. This makes it suitable for both riders looking for agile city riding and those preferring increased stability at high speeds.

4. Adjustment:

The 90mm stem allows moderate adjustment of the handlebar position in relation to the saddle, which is suitable for many riders.

5. Comfort:

It can help reduce strain on the neck and shoulders, providing greater comfort, especially for riders who favor a more upright position.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 90mm Stem

When choosing a 90mm stem for your bike, there are several factors to consider to ensure an optimal fit. Here are some of these factors:

1. Cycling Style:

Your cycling style influences the choice of stem. Road cyclists may favor a 90mm stem for a more aerodynamic position, while mountain bikers may opt for better handling.

2. Head Tube Length:

 The length of your bike's head tube may limit your choice of stem. Make sure it is compatible with your frame.

3. Comfort:

If comfort is your priority, a 90mm stem may be a good choice, as it allows for a more upright position compared to shorter stems.

4. Aerodynamics:

If you're looking for an aerodynamic position for maximum performance, you might prefer a shorter stem.

5. Tests:

It is recommended to try different stem lengths to determine which best suits your body shape and riding style.


The 90mm stem is a versatile choice that suits many riders. It offers a balance between maneuverability and stability, while allowing the position of the handlebars to be adjusted for greater comfort. When you choose a 90mm stem for your bike, you are investing in your riding experience, comfort and performance. Don't underestimate the positive impact a well-chosen stem can have on your riding enjoyment. Prepare to pedal with confidence, whether on winding roads or rough trails, thanks to a 90mm stem that optimizes your cycling posture.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    9: new without packaging

  • Length

    90 mm

  • Handlebar stem interface diameter

    31,8 mm (oversize)

  • Fork tube diameter



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