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Deda Pista handlebar black 31.8 mm 42 cms zoom_in
  • Deda Pista handlebar black 31.8 mm 42 cms
  • Deda Pista handlebars black
  • Deda Pista handlebar black 31.8 mm

Deda Pista handlebar black 31.8 mm 42 cms

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Deda Pista handlebar

  • colour black
  • material: aluminium 6061 T6 double butted
  • stem fixture diameter 31.8 mm
  • width 42 cms
  • used, assembled 1 fois, never used


Deda Pista Handlebar: The Art of Track Performance

A bicycle handlebar is one of the most important components for a cyclist. It influences posture, handling and performance. When you're looking for perfection on the track, the Deda Pista handlebar is a top choice. In this article, we'll explore the Deda Pista handlebar in detail, highlighting its features, benefits, and how it can improve your experience on the track.

Understanding the Bike Handlebar

The handlebar is the part of the bicycle that the rider holds onto to steer the bicycle. There are many types of handlebars, each designed to meet specific needs, whether on the road, off-road, track cycling, or other disciplines. The Deda Pista handlebar is specially designed for track and track cycling riders.

Main Features of a Track Handlebar

Before we explore the benefits of the Deda Pista handlebar, let's look at the key features of a track handlebar:

1. Aerodynamic Shape:

Track bars are designed to reduce air resistance and improve rider speed. Aerodynamic shape is essential for track cycling competitions.

2. Lightweight Material:

Track bars are usually made from aluminum or carbon to minimize the weight of the bike. A lightweight handlebar is essential for rapid acceleration on the track.

3. Form of Pursuit or Sprints:

Track hangers come in different forms, such as pursuit form (individual or team pursuits) and sprints form (short, fast races). The shape of the handlebar depends on the rider's riding style.

4. Hanger Diameter:

The track bars have a standard diameter of 31.8mm to provide maximum rigidity. It is essential to choose a handlebar that matches the diameter of the steerer of your stem.

The Advantages of the Deda Pista Handlebar

The Deda Pista handlebar is designed to deliver exceptional performance on the track.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a Deda Pista handlebar:

1. Aerodynamic Shape

The Deda Pista handlebar is designed with an aerodynamic shape to reduce air resistance. This allows the rider to cut through the air more efficiently, which is essential for track cycling competitions where every fraction of a second counts.

2. Lightness

Deda Pista handlebars are made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon. A lightweight handlebar reduces the overall weight of the bike, improving acceleration and handling.

3. Shape Options

Deda offers a variety of track bar options, including pursuit bars and sprint bars. Pursuit bars are ideal for longer races and constant effort, while sprint bars are perfect for short, fast races where explosive power is essential.

4. Build Quality

Deda is renowned for its manufacturing quality and attention to detail. Deda Pista handlebars are built to last, even in the most demanding track conditions.

5. Aesthetics

In addition to their performance, Deda Pista hangers have an elegant and modern look. They add a touch of aesthetics to your bike, which is important for many riders who care about the appearance of their equipment.

How to Choose the Ideal Deda Pista Handlebar

Choosing the ideal Deda Pista handlebar depends on several factors, including your racing style, personal preferences and budget. Here are a few steps to help you choose the Deda Pista handlebar that's best for you:

1. Determine Your Running Style

Think about your running style. If you compete in track pursuit competitions, a Deda Pista pursuit handlebar is the ideal choice. If you prefer short, fast sprints, a Deda Pista sprint handlebar will be more appropriate.

2. Consider Your Morphology

Your body shape can influence the choice of the shape of the hanger. For example, if you have good control and power, a sprint bar may be a great choice. If you're more endurance-oriented, a pursuit hanger may suit you better.

3. Check Compatibility

Make sure the Deda Pista handlebar you choose is compatible with the steerer diameter of your stem. Compatibility is essential for a secure fit.

4. Consult a Professional

If you have any doubts about choosing the Deda Pista handlebar, do not hesitate to consult a bicycle professional. They can help you determine which handlebar best suits your running style and preferences.

Deda Pista Handlebar Maintenance

To keep your Deda Pista handlebar in good working order, follow these maintenance tips:

1. Clean the hanger regularly to remove dirt, sweat and debris that could damage the material.

2. Periodically check the tightness of the bolts that secure the handlebar to the gallows. Make sure they are tight to avoid any slipping or loosening while running.

3. Check the general condition of the handlebar, especially if it is made of carbon. Look for signs of cracks, chips or damage.

4. If in doubt, have your handlebar inspected by a bicycle professional to ensure safety and performance.


The Deda Pista handlebar is a quality choice for track and field cyclists looking to improve their performance. Whether you compete in pursuits or sprints, Deda offers a range of handlebars designed to meet your specific needs. By taking into account your running style, your body type and your personal preferences, you can find the Deda Pista handlebar that will allow you to optimize your posture on the bike, improve your comfort and increase your speed on the track. Enjoy every ride knowing that your Deda Pista handlebar is a performance asset on your bike.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    8: assembled but not used

  • Handlebar stem interface diameter

    31,8 mm (oversize)

  • Width

    42 cms

  • Shape


  • Use



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