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Improving your freeride mountain bike riding technique requires regular practice and concentration on several key aspects. Here is a tutorial to guide you in improving your freeride mountain bike riding technique:

Step 1: Body Positioning

1. Basic Position:

- Keep weight centered on the bike.

- Slightly bend your elbows and knees.

- Lower the center of gravity for more stability.

2. Look:

- Always look forward, far in front of you.

- Anticipate the terrain ahead to prepare your movements.

Step 2: Descent Technique

1. Flexion and Extension:

- Bend your knees and elbows when going downhill to absorb shock.

- Extend your legs and arms when the terrain becomes smoother.

2. Braking:

- Use the brakes in a progressive and balanced manner.

- Avoid blocking the wheels to maintain traction.

3. Speed ​​Control:

- Control your speed with braking, but do not hesitate to release the brakes when the terrain allows it.

- Use turning techniques to control your speed in twisty sections.

Step 3: Jumps and Figures

1. Position in the Air:

- Bend your legs and body just before takeoff.

- Keep the handlebars level with the ground.

2. Landing:

- Anticipate the landing field by looking down.

- Bend your knees to absorb the impact.

3. Drop Jumps:

- Adopt a compact position when approaching the drop.

- Absorb the impact by bending your legs upon landing.

Step 4: Maneuverability and Balance

1. Balance Training:

- Practice balancing on one wheel to improve stability.

- Use rocking exercises to strengthen the stabilizer muscles.

2. Turns:

- Lean the body in the turn.

- Use weight to steer the bike.

Step 5: Specific Training

1. Practical Sessions:

- Spend time in specific sessions to work on particular skills.

- Repeat technical descents to build confidence.

2. Video Monitoring:

- Record your sessions to analyze your technique.

- Identify areas for improvement and adjust your technique accordingly.

Step 6: Safety and Gradual Progression

1. Safety Equipment:

- Always wear a helmet and appropriate protective equipment.

- Be aware of your skill level and adjust your driving accordingly.

2. Gradual Progression:

- Do not rush into descents or jumps that are too difficult.

- Progress gradually by adding challenges as your confidence and skills increase.

In summary, improving your freeride mountain bike riding technique requires constant practice, attention to body position, mastery of descents, jumps and turns, and gradual progression to ensure your safety. Stay attentive to your progress and adjust your training according to your specific needs.