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There are several types of mountain bikes (All-Terrain Bikes), each designed to meet specific needs and suited to particular riding styles. Here are some of the main types of ATVs:

1. Cross-Country (XC):

Cross-country mountain bikes are designed for racing on well-maintained trails. They are lightweight, feature geometry that promotes pedaling efficiency, and typically have short-travel suspension.

2. Trail:

Trail mountain bikes are versatile and suitable for a variety of terrains. They typically have medium travel suspension and balanced geometry to provide stability on descents and pedaling efficiency.

3. All-Mountain/Enduro:

These mountain bikes are designed to tackle technical descents and rough terrain. They have longer travel suspension, geometry suitable for descents, and are often used for enduro, which combines timed climbs with descents.

4. Downhill:

Downhill mountain bikes are specifically designed for downhill racing where speed and technical mastery are essential. They have long travel suspension, geometry suitable for steep slopes, and are often equipped with powerful brakes.

5. Freeride:

Freeride mountain bikes are intended for aggressive riding, with jumps, tricks and committed descents. They have a sturdy construction, long travel suspension and geometry suitable for jumping.

6. Fat Bikes:

Fat bikes have extra wide tires, making them suitable for a variety of terrains, including snow and sand. They provide great stability and are often used for off-road exploration.

7. Dirt Jump:

Dirt jump mountain bikes are specially designed for jumps and tricks in dirt parks. They have a compact geometry, a robust construction, and are suitable for stunt driving.

8. E-Bikes (electric mountain bikes):

Electric mountain bikes are equipped with an electric motor which assists pedaling. They come in different types, including XC, trail, enduro, and offer electric assistance to make climbs easier.