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Who are we ?

Enthusiasts! beautiful reliable and durable materials....

Our observation:

The bicycle is a piece of equipment that is evolving rapidly and that incorporates many innovations, so a model that is 4 or 5 years old can begin to become difficult to repair because its components have been designed and manufactured according to standards that have evolved. For example, there are now 3 wheel diameters in mountain biking, road bikes now have disc brakes, there are many standards for bottom brackets, headsets have many diameters.
In addition, high-tech materials are now used, such as carbon for the frame and fork architecture, lithium for the batteries or titanium for peripherals, unfortunately most of these materials are not recyclable, on the other hand, they have a long lifespan.
It is this analysis and these observations that led us to create whose goal is to offer components and solutions that will allow you to maintain the life of your bike as long as possible. whatever its period of manufacture.

Our expertise to offer you quality products:

In order to offer you quality components in the best conditions, we have defined a rating scale allowing you to estimate the state of wear which is noted 0 for parts, 1 incomplete, 2 pronounced wear, 3 reconditioned, 4 70% wear, 5 50% wear, 6 25% wear, 7 assembled used once, 8 assembled but not used, 9 new product without packaging, 10 new with packaging. This rating is based on our experience and on the observations that we make before the sale of each part, each accessory. In addition, each component is cleaned before being offered.
We complete the sheets of our products as much as possible in order to provide you with as much information as possible, however if you wish to obtain additional information, do not hesitate to contact us via the "contact" page.

Competitive prices for components that may be rare or unavailable:

We have a network of partner shops that provide us with components from all periods, they are purchased in large volumes in order to offer them to you at the best price. On the other hand, we do not have the choice of the part numbers and the quantities that we buy.

Why SL Sport equipments is not a marketplace:

We are the owner of the components that we offer, the site is not open for sale because we want to control the quality and prices of the parts and accessories that we offer as much as possible.