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List of products by brand Microshift

Microshift is a drivetrain brand for road bike, mountain bike, mountain bike, city or electric bike

It was in 1999 that Microshift was established by experienced engineers in Taiwan.

The beginning of Microshift:

When it was created Microshift competed with large groups such as Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram who have been well-known designers and manufacturers for years and who supply the largest professional teams. Given its small structure, Microshift stands out for its reactivity linked to the needs of the cyclist.

Design and manufacture of Microshift drivetrains :

Microshift has a design office that allows it to design and develop its products according to customer needs and to improve the efficiency, precision and performance of gear shifting for bicycle transmissions according to their use.

Microshift factories are located in Taichung, Taiwan and HuiZhou in China, the production tools are modern and at the cutting edge of technology so that the quality of the products manufactured is constant and of a high level.

The component offers for Microshift drivetrains:

Microshift offers the main components required for the operation of a bicycle drivetrain such as derailleurs, shifters and cassettes. Some models are compatible with other brands of bicycle transmissions such as Shimano and Sram.

The drivetrain ranges offered for Gravel and mountain bikes are:

  • Microshift Acolyte designed for 1 chainring and 8 speeds for MTB
  • Microshift Advent designed for 1 or 2 chainrings and 9 speeds for MTB or Gravel, several ergonomics of shifters are available, it is a light and efficient model
  • Advent X intended for MTB or Gravel equipped with a chainring and 10 speeds, it is a light high-end model and the gear changes are accurate and flexible
  • Microshift Marvo LT for MTB 2 or 3 chainrings, 8 or 9 speeds, this drivetrain range is robust and reliable in all conditions of use
  • Microshift Mezzo is a compact, light, silent drivetrain that requires little maintenance, it allows the change of 2 or 3 chainrings and 7, 8 or 9 speeds
  • Microshift XCD is a drivetrain group for freeride or enduro mountain biking, which generates accurate and fast shifting with 1 chainring and 11 speeds
  • XLE 10 is a model designed for Gravel or MTB consisting of two or three chainwheels and ten speeds, it is reliable and durable
  • XLE 11 is a drivetrain range for cross country mountain biking and gravel equipped with 1 or 2 chainrings and 11 speeds, this high-end model is intended for competition and sport hiking

The ranges of drivetrains offered for road bikes are:

  • Microshift Arsis is a drivetrain intended for competition and sport touring for 2 chainrings and 11 speeds, actuators for extensions bars are also available
  • Centos 10 is designed for the change of 2 chainrings and 10 speeds, it is robust and light, shifters for flat handlebar are also available
  • Centos 11 has been developed for the actuation of 2 chainrings and 11 speeds, shifters for flat bars and extensions bars are available
  • Microshift R10 is a model designed for 2 or 3 chainwheels and 10 speeds intended for use in sport hiking
  • Microshift R8 is a 2 or 3 chainring and 8 speed drivetrain for curved, flat handlebars or for triathlon extenders
  • Microshift R9 is a 2 or 3 chainring and 9 speed drivetrain for all types of handlebars

Microshift does not offer electric drivetrains, the models are only mechanical.

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