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List of products by brand Mondraker

Mondraker a Spanish brand of high-end mountain bikes created in 2001 by Miguel Pina who is a fan of comics.
The name mondraker comes from mandrake the magician, able to make something out of nothing.
The mondraker mountain bikes offered are very efficient for cross country, all mountain, enduro, freeride, DH or electric assistance.
Fabien Barel contributed to the development of Mondraker downhill mountain bikes.
In 2016, the mountain bike brand mondraker appeared on the podium of the world championship.
Mondraker is at the origin of the "forward geometry" architecture which consists of a long distance from the axis of the bottom bracket, to the axis of the front wheel, the advantage is to improve stability, to obtain great responsiveness steering with this geometry it is necessary to use a short MTB stem. The long wheelbase of mondraker mountain bikes is particularly suitable for straight descents, however for tight turns it may not be ideal. This construction offered from 2003 by Mondraker is now offered by many brands, it is intended for sporting or competition use.
Mondraker mountain bikes are offered with 24, 26, 27.5 or 29 inch wheels, however the full suspension models are only offered in 27.5 inches.
In 2008 Mondraker designed and developed the Zero Dual Pivot Suspension, with this setup the shock is floating, it is compressed from the top and bottom, improving pedaling efficiency and increasing rideability. absorption of bumps whatever their size. Montraker's Zero system allows permanent stability because the wheel remains glued to the ground, a reduction in energy loss during pedaling because the shock absorber is not compressed by the pedaling movement of the cyclist (anti pumping system), the chain is almost not stretched by the movement of the rear arm. The braking being independent of the suspension it remains efficient and active in all conditions. This technology has been victorious in the World Cup and the World Championship, it is now available on the e-MTB ranges offered by Mondraker.

Mondraker mountain bike ranges :

Here are the mondraker mountain bike ranges by use :

Downhill :

The models offered break down into two categories: the Summum carbon RR, Summum carbon RR MX, Summum carbon R, Summum carbon R MX are fitted with a carbon frame, the Summum, Summum R, Summum R MX and Summum MX models are designed with a 6061 aluminum frame. They feature forward geometry architecture and the Zero suspension system.

Superenduro :

The Superfoxy carbon RR and Superfoxy carbon R are equipped with a carbon frame while the frame of the Level R and Level RR is aluminum.
The Superfoxy and Level are made up of a latest generation Öhlins suspension system (with a spring shock absorber at the rear). The suspension travel is less important than for the Summum downhill models for those who wish to pedal up the slopes.
The Level models are equipped with electric assistance consisting of a Bosch electric motor.

Enduro / AM :

The Mondraker Foxy carbon XR, Foxy carbon RR 29, Foxy carbon R, Foxy R and Foxy are made up of a carbon frame, the Zero suspension system and a travel of 150 mm.
The Mondraker Crafty carbon RR SL, Crafty carbon XR, Crafty carbon RR, Crafty carbon R models consist of electric assistance and a carbon frame. The Mondraker Crafty XR, Crafty RR, Crafty R, Dusk RR, Dusk R, Dusk, Chaser R and Chaser 29 also feature electric assist and an aluminum frame.

Trail :

The Mondraker Raze carbon RR SL, Raze carbon RR and Raze carbon R feature a 130mm Zero suspension system, carbon frame and 1x drivetrain.

Parts and accessories for mondraker mountain bikes available in our shop:

The components offered by will allow you to improve or maintain mondraker mtb. Parts may be specific to certain models such as a swingarm or a shock absorber link, but most of them are standard and common to other models or brands. Accessories are generally designed to fit the vast majority of mountain bikes.
We offer all types of parts and accessories from more than 350 brands in checked used or new cleared condition, their state of wear is specified on a scale of 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging) .