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List of products by brand A2Z

A2Z is ​​a brand specializing in components and accessories for disc brakes for mountain bikes, road bikes or Gravel bikes.

A2Z presentation :

A2Z design & development inc. was established in 1998 in Changhua County, Taiwan by avid cyclists, dissatisfied with the quality of the disc brakes offered. The development of this new braking system made it possible to significantly improve the performance and efficiency of stopping or reducing the speed of bicycles, on the other hand it brought new constraints in terms of assembly, installation and compatibility. The aim of A2Z is ​​to offer the widest range of components and accessories for the use of disc brakes used on a bicycle.

A2Z products offer :

A2Z offers disc brake pads approved according to the European standard. Four ranges of pads are available:

  • blue with resin filling
  • golden with a more durable metallic trim
  • K glacier with resin filling and with a heat dissipation system
  • KS glacier with metal cover and heat sink

A2Z brake pads are fitted with an entry chamfer to facilitate assembly of the disc in the caliper and a wear indicator.

Many discs are available in three families called Teppan Yaki: the search for lightness, the improvement of heat dissipation or the search for durability, in conventional diameters such as 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm or 203 mm but also in 200 mm much less standard. Their fixing standards correspond to those of the market in 6 holes or center Lock (Shimano).

The ranges of adapters for fixing the brake caliper on the fork or the frame cover all mounting configurations: IS to IS, IS to PM or PM to PM, PM to IS (IS: International Standard disc brake mounting, PM: Manitou Post Mounting). A2Z also offers an adapter for attaching a disc brake caliper to a frame (model DM-UNI) that does not have the required fixing. These adapters also allow the caliper to be fixed according to the diameter of the brake disc.

To complete its offer of disc brake parts A2Z produces anodized aluminum hubs.

The A2Z catalog also lists many screws or nuts for fixing brake calipers, brake discs and levers, but also hoses and their fixings, as well as brake fluid.

A2Z distributes an Add One single speed adaptation kit.

A2Z is ​​diversifying by offering screws and chimneys for fixing the chainrings to a crankset, as well as shims and headset caps.

Aluminum is widely used in A2Z components but also steel for discs, no carbon parts are currently available. The colors and shapes of the parts and accessories in the A2Z offer are modern and up-to-date.

Our offer of A2Z components :

We offer many A2Z parts and accessories in new destocked or used revised condition, their condition is noted on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).

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