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List of products by brand Cerchio Ghisallo

Cerchio Ghisallo is a brand of wooden components for bicycles, hand manufactured, it is probably the last manufacturer of wooden rims in Europe.

Cerchio Ghisallo presentation :

It was in 1946 that Cerchio Ghisallo's activity began in Via Adua in Magreglio, Italy, under the direction of Antonio Cermenati, who made wooden rims. At the end of the Second World War there was a shortage of raw materials which allowed the expansion of the production of Cerchio Ghisallo.

During the 1950s and 1960s the cost of producing aluminum rims was reduced thanks to the automation of production lines, which became more competitive than wooden rims.

Despite the low profitability in the following years Giovanni Cermenati continues production with tenacity, export demands continue and allow production to be maintained.

Cerchio Ghisallo will become famous and many big names in cycling will come to visit the factory such as Fausto Coppi, Bartali and Magni. Fiorenzo Magni won three Tours of Flanders with Cerchio Ghisallo rims

In the 80s Antonio Cermenati the son of Giovanni took over the company and made improvements to wooden rims and diversified the offer of wooden products for bikes.

The development of internet sales and participation in international trade fairs allows Cerchio Ghisallo to increase its international sales and to be present in most countries in Europe, the United States and Asia.

A new innovation has been introduced in the manufacture of wooden tire rims for bike by the addition of a carbon foil in the seat of the inner tube in order to improve the behavior under high pressures.

Antonio's sons Roberto and Matia are gradually taking over the business.

Products ranges Cerchio Ghisallo :

Wooden rims for tubulars :

  • pister
  • elegant
  • tourism
  • road
  • mtb
  • brooklyn

Wooden rims for tires :

  • sport
  • type-r
  • mtb
  • ballon
  • sprinter

Wooden grips :

  • classic
  • dandy
  • elegant
  • modene
  • sport
  • road
  • turin
  • trendy (with leather strapping)

Wooden handlebars:

  • straight ahead
  • semi-straight
  • terry straight ahead
  • terry semi-straight
  • olly

Pedals with wooden platforms 

Wooden mud guards:

  • sport model,
  • classic model
  • elegant model
  • corsa model
  • shorty classic
  • shorty flat

Each wood product is available in three or four colors. Replacement or repair accessories and fixing kits are also available.

Cerchio Ghisallo also offers balance bikes for children.

Our products offers Cerchio Ghisallo :

Since the Cerchio Ghisallo components are of good quality, we offer them in new destocked or second-hand revised condition. Second-hand parts and accessories are cleaned, inspected and their fasteners and functionality checked. Their general condition is noted on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).

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  • Wooden mud guard Cerchio Ghisallo
    Wooden mud guard Cerchio Ghisallo
    • €22.49
    • €29.99
  • Wood grips brown 105 mm
    Wood grips brown 105 mm Cerchio Ghisallo
    • €24.00
    • €48.00
  • Fixie, single speed rim Cerchio Ghisallo Sprinter 28 holes
    Fixie, single speed rim Cerchio Ghisallo Sprinter 28 holes
    • €89.99
  • Wooden bike rim Cerchio Ghiallo
    Wooden bike rim Cerchio Ghiallo
    • €99.99
  • Gravel rim Cerchio Ghisallo Sprinter 36 holes
    Gravel rim Cerchio Ghisallo Sprinter 36 holes
    • €99.99
  • Wood rim fixie track Cerchio Ghisallo 700 tire 32 holes
    Wood rim fixie track Cerchio Ghisallo 700 tire 32 holes
    • €109.99

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