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List of products by brand Velo Orange

Velo Orange is an american brand of high-end, quality peripheral components for fixie bike, single speed or touring bikes. The components Velo Orange as a vintage looking but with modern colours. The Velo Orange parts can be used for the rework of an old bike or to customized a recent bike.

Velo Orange historic:

Velo Orange is an American company created in 2006 in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. Initially Velo Orange imported components and accessories for cycling in touring and hiking, they were manufactured by small companies based in Europe, Japan and in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, some of these suppliers have closed or have decided to stop production of the selected parts.

Velo Orange has therefore decided to redesign, improve and reproduce certain product references with modern materials and techniques. The components offered have a neo-retro appearance, in fact, the shapes and standards chosen recall those of the 40s to 80s with a current finish and colors.

Velo Orange offer:

The component models designed and manufactured by Velo Orange are multiple and more and more numerous, here are the main parts offered:

  • anodized aluminum seat posts
  • stems with plunger or headset, with a handlebar attachment that opens completely or not,
  • classic hubs or for disc brakes,
  • flat aluminum pedals,
  • brake levers for flat handlebars or racing bicycle handlebars
  • flat handlebars, mustache or wide type,
  • rims,
  • bicycle saddles,
  • cranksets,
  • front and rear racks,
  • bottle and bottle cages,
  • metal mudguards with fasteners on the bike frame,
  • saddlebags,
  • bicycle bells,
  • accessories,
  • tires for road bike,
  • ....

Velo Orange accessories make it possible to improve the comfort of use, to personalize or to add functions to a touring, touring bike, a racing bike, a city bike, a fixie or a single speed.

Our range of Velo Orange parts and accessories:

We offer many Velo Orange components, in second hand condition or new, available in a limited stock at the best price. All parts in used condition are cleaned and rigorously checked, their condition is measured on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new with packaging). The components in a new condition come from clereances. 

You could find also in our e-shop some components manufactured by european brands that have now disappeared for the rework or the improve of your favorite bike.

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