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List of products by brand Spécialités TA

Spécialités TA is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of chainrings, cranksets and crowns for bicycles.

Specialites TA history :

Spécialités TA was created in 1947 in Clamart in France by brothers Georges and Louis Navet, both cycling enthusiasts. George Navet has a cabinetmaker background and worked for René Herse where he was a fitter / assembler.

The two brothers filed a patent for a crankset attached to the front wheel of the bike but it would not be used, on the other hand the TA for front wheel drive would be kept in the name of the company.

The first products manufactured are chainrings compatible with Stronglight 49D cranksets, Spécialités TA offers new chainring diameters allowing you to customize the gear ratio of your bike's transmission.

In the 1950s, production of narrow-width aluminum cranksets began. TA Specialty cranksets are particularly popular with cycle tourists.

In 1952, Spécialités TA produced pedals fitted with needle bearings. It was also at this time that the production of the first bottle holders began, which were attached directly to the frame of the bicycle (René Herse patent).

During this period, Spécialités TA diversified by offering bottom brackets for bike, saddlebags, shoe cleats, cassettes.

In the 1960s, production was transferred to Trucy. At that time Spécialités TA was a supplier to René Herse for jib cranks, cranks and chainrings.

In the 1980s, Spécialités TA continued to diversify by filing a patent for the can shutter that we know today.

Since 2000, the development of the company has been done in part through the export of products all over the world.

In 2010, production was transferred to a new site located in Sissonne.

Today, the production of Specialités TA mainly provides compatible or made-to-measure trays.

Our specialites TA components offer :

We offer many Specialties TA in new condition from stock offered at the best price or revised second-hand.

The Specialites TA products being of very good quality, even in used condition they remain reliable, with a high level of performance, before their sale they are cleaned, inspected and their functionality is checked.

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