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Brake Authority is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end brake pads for mountain bikes, road bikes, Gravel bikes and electric bikes.

History of Brake Authority:

Brake Authority was created in 2008 by Fabien Barrel (3 times world champion in downhill mountain biking), in France in Cogolin. Brake Authority is part of the South Shore Bicycles group which also incorporates the Urge Snow Products and Urge Bike Products brands.

This brand specializes in creating sintered metal brake pads that are compatible with most models of the biggest brands of disc brakes.

This technology allows efficient and efficient braking in all conditions of use. The semi-metallic seal formulated by Brake Authority is of course compliant with European requirements which ban the use of lead and asbestos but also of nickel (Nonitech technology).

Brake Authority has a research laboratory whose goal is to design high-performance products that are also respectful of the environment. At the end of their life, used disc brake pads can be returned to Brake Authority headquarters for recycling.

The South Shore Bicycles group dedicates 1% of its annual turnover to preserving the environment.

The Brake Authority brake pad manufacturing plants are located in Europe in order to reduce the carbon footprint due to transport and ensure downhill working conditions for workers, they are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Brake Authority today :

After having started in the manufacture of disc brake pads for MTB Brake Authority has diversified by offering its technology for road bikes, Gravel bikes and now electric bikes.

Still in an environmental approach, the packaging of Brake Authority components is recyclable.

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