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List of products by brand Sunn

Sunn is a French brand of BMX, MTB and road bike.

Sunn presentation :

BMX production began in 1982 under the name MX France by Max Commençal, very quickly the company took the name Sunn.

In 1984, Sunn turned to children's BMX with the BMX Elite, Mini Sunn, BMX junior Evolution, L, LX and GLX models whose frames were made of chromoly steel.

In 1985, BMX models Sunn Pro and Sunn mini Pro CRMO distinguished themselves in competition.

The first BMX models with an aluminum frame were offered in 1987, the offer was extended with The expert, Superclass Alu, Pro cruiser and Zeronine.

In 1988, Max Commençal wanted to develop a mountain bike on the basis of a BMX, he needed funds and called on investors to whom he sold part of his company to keep only 35%, the company became Sunn SA . That same year, Sunn with his team Sunn Chipie Team becomes BMX world champion and the first mountain bike is offered, it is the model 6001R.

Sunn introduced the 5003R mountain bike in 1991, which was voted mountain bike of the year by Vélo Vert magazine.

In 1993, Thierry Gachet was recruited into the Sunn team and created the co-factory project which consisted of sponsoring professional and aspiring mountain bikers. It is during this year that Anne-Caroline Chausson, coming from BMX, will be crowned world champion in junior downhill mountain biking. Other BMX specialists will follow her, such as Cédric Garcia, Florent Poussin and Carmine Falco.

1994 marks François Gachet's victory at the French Elite Downhill MTB champion and in the World Cup. This same year, Anne-Caroline Chausson will renew her title of junior downhill mountain biking world champion. The ranges are expanding with the arrival of Tox, 5000, Vertix, Revolt, Maxe and Radical Plus. Eric Barone becomes master world champion in downhill mountain biking.

In 1995, Sunn offered its first full suspension mountain bike, the Sunn Xchox, the Revolt 2 was voted MTB of the year.

Eric Barone will be the first man to exceed 200 km / h on his Sunn mountain bike in 1996. The Sunn professional team has 24 riders in all categories. Christophe Lévêque will face the best BMX riders located in the United States, he represents the colors of Sunn whose bikes are sold in the United States.

Nicolas Vouilloz, multiple world champion in downhill mountain biking, worked with Sunn's technical teams in 1997 to improve the mountain bikes of the time.

In 1998, Christophe Dupouey and Miguel Martinez became world champion in cross country mountain biking in their categories. For the third year in a row, Sunn won the titles of champion in downhill and cross country mountain biking. While Sunn is at the top of world mountain biking, its founder Max Commençal is sacked.

2000/2001, Sunn offers more than 40 mountain bike, road bike and BMX models.

In 2003, Sunn was in serious financial difficulty and was liquidated. The brand and the company will be relaunched by Patrick Tangui, an entrepreneur based in Toulouse who will have to resolve to close in 2012.

Sunn is relaunched with 3 new models corresponding to new disciplines such as the Drac for dirt, forest jump and radical.

In 2007, Sunn returns to the highest level with the Sunn Kern Exo named MTB of the year and the Sunn Kern LT Evo which will be the Enduro MTB of the year.

New models arrive in 2008 such as the Tzar, Shamann, Kern and Modular.

In 2013, the Manufacture Française du Cycle took over the Sunn brand and relaunched production at its Machecoul site in Brittany.

In 2016, Sunn with her BMX and MTB Enduro teams returned to the podiums, Isabeau Courdurier vice world champion in MTB enduro that year.

A new cross-country mountain bike team was relaunched in 2017 with the Dubau family, whose goal is to reach the top 10 in the World Cup.

In 2018 Joshua Dubau became champion of France and Europe in cross country mountain biking on a Sunn mountain bike.

Manon Valentino becomes French champion in 2018 and 2019 on Sunn MTB.

Sunn products offer :

Today the Sunn bike ranges are numerous.

Electric mountain bikes :

  • Kern EL Finest
  • Kern EL S1
  • Kern EL S2
  • Gordon S1
  • Gordon S2
  • Flash S1
  • Flash S2

Electric city bikes :

  • URB Skal
  • URB Rely
  • URB Sleek
  • URB Rise 26
  • URB Start 26
  • URB Start 28
  • URB Rise 28

Electric road bikes :

  • Volt S1
  • Volt S2

Enduro mountain bikes :

  • Kern EN S1
  • Kern EN S2
  • Kern EN Finest
  • Kern EN Factory

All mountain MTB :

  • Kern AM S2
  • Kern AM S3

Trail mountain bikes :

  • Shamann TR S1
  • Shamann TR Finest

XCO mountain bikes :

  • Shamann XC Factory
  • Shamann XC S1
  • Shamann XC S2
  • Shamann XC Finest
  • Prime Factory
  • Prim S1
  • Prim S2


  • Exact Finest
  • Exact S1
  • Exact S2

Sport mountain bikes :

  • Tox S1 27,5
  • Tox S2 27,5
  • Tox S1 29
  • Tox S2 29

Road bikes :

  • GP Factory
  • GP Finest
  • GP S1

Gravel ranges to come :

  • Venture S1
  • Venture S2


  • Royal
  • Royal Finest
  • Royal Factory
  • Royal Factory Cruiser
  • Royal Finest Cruiser
  • Prince
  • Prince Finest

Kids :

  • Tox 2.0, 2.4, 2.6

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    Sunn Lite 27.2 , 325 mm seatpost
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