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List of products by brand 3T bike

3T bike is an Italian manufacturer of high-end bicycle peripherals such as stems, handlebars or seat posts.

3t bike history :

It was in 1961 that 3T began, initially named 3TTT (Technologia de Tubo Torino) created by Mario Dedioniggi in Turin.

3T initially offered welded chromed tubular steel stems. Then in 1970, in order to reduce the weight, the first stems made of welded aluminum tubes (aeropsace grade) were proposed, the manufacturing process then evolved to be replaced by forged aluminum, more rigid and more reliable.

Many references are available given the multiple configurations of lengths and diameters of fixing.

Technical evolution proposed by 3T :

It was in the 90s that 3T offered its first carbon stem, lighter and stiffer than most aluminum stems on the market at that time. 3T is one of the pioneers to use this new material in the construction of its products.

3T bike and professional sport :

3T bike products, handlebars and stems for road bikes are used by pro team teams such as Team CSC, Intermarché Wondy Gauber materials on legendary events such as the Tour de France or the Giro.

3T bike today :

In March 2015, 3T was acquired by Gerard Vroomen the founder of Cervelo, the most used bicycle brand by triathletes.

3T is now called 3T cycling or 3T bike, the products offer has been greatly expanded with now complete bikes for the road, Gravel or triathlon, cranksets, frames, road bikes forks, bottle holders, wheels, stems, triathlon extenders, handlebars, seat posts.

All the components are organized according to three ranges:

  • Pro for aluminum parts and accessories
  • Team corresponding to the carbon intermediate
  • LTD which is the top of the range in HM carbon

The Gravel range is called Exploro and for the road it is Strada. 3T bike offers a Gravel bike model with the first Campagnolo Ekar 1 chainring and 13 speed group.

The components offered by 3T cycling are light, efficient and reliable for use on road bikes, against the clock, triathlon or Gravel. 3T cycling has had real know-how in the design of carbon fiber bicycle parts for more than 20 years.

The offer of 3T bike components by SL Sport equipments:

Given the high quality of the parts and accessories designed and manufactured by the 3T bike brand, we offer them in revised second hand condition or new from clerances at the best price.

The state of wear of the second hand equipments that we offer is noted on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging), it is cleaned and the observations that we have are specified in the product announcement.

Since the 3T logo has evolved with the company, it is possible to find parts with the 3TTT or 3T marking in our shop.

The oldest references are no longer industrialized, we can offer 3T bike equipments manufactured according to old or obsolete standards but useful for the renovation or maintenance of old or vintage bikes.

Our part numbers are regularly updated.

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