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List of products by brand Selle Italia

Selle Italia is an Italian brand specializing in the design and manufacture of bicycle saddles.

History of Selle Italia:

It was in 1897 that the activity of Selle italia began, near Milan, which offered travel saddles.
The bicycle being at that time one of the most used means of transport, the saddles are wide and in search of comfort.
In the 1970s, cycling became a popular sport, needs evolved and saddles became narrower and lighter for the search for performance.

The emblematic models of Selle Italia:

In 1980, the selle italia turbo is proposed, it is one of the first anatomical models which marks a break with the saddles of the time which are much wider.
It was in 1984 that the shock absorber system was patented, it improves comfort, the principle consists of using elastomer pads at the attachment points between the rails and the saddle shell.
In 1990, the first saddle italia flite is offered on the market, it is a very light model (weight less than 20 grams).
It was in 1991 that the saddle italia genuine gel appeared, gel inserts of different thicknesses were positioned to improve comfort by absorbing shocks.
In 1992, selle italia used the first titanium saddle rails, which were lighter and stiffer than steel or aluminium.
In 1994, elastomers were molded into the saddle shell to improve comfort and reduce weight.
Selle italia offers in 1998 the Trans Am which is open in the center in order to improve the flexibility of the shell and to reduce the pressure on the level of the perineum, this technique makes it possible to improve comfort by absorbing the vibrations due to the contact of the wheels with floor.
In 2000, the SLR model is the brand's lightest model, it is offered for use on a road bike.
Selle Italia innovated in 2002 with the gel flow technology which combined with the trans am model allows a significant gain in comfort.
In 2003, the SLR model pushes the limits of lightness with the use of carbon combined with a vanadium titanium alloy in the manufacture of the rails.
The Signo model is proposed in 2004, it incorporates an innovation intended to improve pedaling with an oscillatory system Axial Pivot System (APS)
In 2005, the Thoork model is proposed, it integrates the APS system and the technical innovations of Selle Italia allowing to improve the comfort
Selle Italia collaborated in 2006 with Vibram in order to offer the Yutaak saddle model intended for all-terrain practice
In 2007, the CX Zero model is proposed, it consists of a carbon shell, light and whose shape is modern.
In 2008, the Optima model was developed, it was the first saddle to incorporate a bottle cage, it was intended for time trialling.
Selle Italia offers in 2010 the monolink model made up of a new carbon binding system allowing a greater range of adjustment.
In 2011, the friction free system was developed, it is intended to reduce friction between the crotch and the saddle.
In 2012, the selle italia SLR Superflow has a large central opening to optimize the support points and improve comfort.
Selle italia redesigned its flite model in 2013 to make it more comfortable and more efficient.
In 2014, selle italia launched the idmatch concept which makes it possible to identify the saddle corresponding to its morphology.
Selle italia launched Iron in 2015, this model is intended for triathletes.
In 2016, the selle italia SLR C-59, in ultra light carbon (63 grams), equipped with a wide opening.
The SP-01 model was developed in 2017, the rear part of this saddle is divided in two in order to accompany the pedaling movement and thus improve its efficiency.
In 2018, the X-LR model is offered, it is intended for use in Gravel.
The Selle Italia SLR Boost saddle combines comfort and performance, incorporating the latest innovations and the most high-end materials.

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