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An MTB frameset generally consists of a frame, an MTB fork and a headset and possibly a shock absorber, and a swing arm, these components form the basic architecture of the mountain bike on which the transmission, peripherals and wheels will be assembled.

Choice of a MTB frameset :

The geometry of an MTB frameset will depend on the practice for which it is intended, an MTB frameset for freeride or downhill use will be compact while a model intended for XC cross country MTB or enduro MTB will be lighter. and longer. Depending on your size and the use of your mountain bike, there are three wheel diameters: 26, 27.5 and 29 inches, smaller wheels provide good responsiveness in single tracks, while larger models improve stability .

Manufacturers regularly change the fixing standards for bottom brackets, headsets, and MTB seat post diameter. Before purchasing an MTB frame kit, it is therefore necessary to know all the characteristics of the additional components to be acquired. In addition, certain peripherals or parts may require the use of specific tools.

The best performing materials can be used in the construction of a mountain bike frame. Carbon will be light and rigid but very fragile to direct impacts, moreover it is not recyclable, aluminum is heavier and more flexible but it will have better resistance in the event of a fall. Titanium can be a good compromise between weight, rigidity and strength, on the other hand it is high.

Components in addition to a MTB frameset :

You will find in our shop many parts, accessories and materials for the assembly of your MTB frame kit for all levels of practice among more than 350 brands available in stock.

We offer revised or new second-hand solutions at the best price for the renovation or technical improvement of your mountain bike whatever its year of manufacture. The current trend is to use a braking system with hydraulic disc brakes available on our site, we also offer cantilever or v-brakes for frame models that do not have the necessary fixings to hold the brake calipers.

The mechanical stresses on all the parts making up the frame of your mountain bike, some can give way under the forces they have to assume. The breakage of a swingarm for example can be very problematic as this component is specific to the model and brand of your MTB frame kit.

Wearing parts can generally be assembled with standard tools such as Allen keys or Allen keys, however, some components such as a bottom bracket may require specific tools available on our site at the best price.

For your safety and the best durability of your equipment, we recommend that you respect the values ​​of the tightening torques of all screwed elements.

The assembly of parts and accessories require the use of specific cycling lubricants on which pollutants do not stick.

What are the biggest brands?

The manufacturers of mountain bikes and frames are Orbea, BMC, Specialized, Cannondale, Mustache, Lapierre, Look, Commençal, ...

Each manufacturer determines their own frame geometry depending on the use and the desired performance. Aluminum and carbon are used extensively.