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Use of a bike bell :

The bike bell is an audible warning which makes it possible to indicate its presence or to warn of a danger.

It can be assembled and used on all types of bicycle: road, mountain bike, fixie, gravel, electric bike and children's bike.

The biggest brands are Btwin, Cateye and Crane Bell Suzu

Crane Bell Suzu is a Japanese brand specializing in the design and manufacture of hand-made and hand-painted bells, the bicycle bells from this brand are of very high quality.

For ease of use, we recommend that you choose a compact model whose ergonomics allow it to be operated by a finger when your hand is resting on the handlebar grip of the bicycle.

Constitution of a bike bell :

bicycle bell can consist of a bell or a horn or electric. The most classic and widely used model consists of a bell, fixed to the handlebar of the bicycle and actuated by a lever with a finger.

The bike bell is an aesthetic component available in many shapes, colors and materials. The most high-end models can be made by hand.

Sound level of bicycle bell:

The horn models are the most powerful, they emit a powerful and short sound, the bell model generate a sharper sound.

The sound intensity of a bicycle bell fitted with a bell will depend on its diameter, in fact the larger the diameter of the bell the more it will be audible at a long distance.

Mounting of a bike bell :

The assembly of a bicycle bell is very simple, it only requires a few minutes and a screwdriver or an allen key. It generally consists of a collar designed to be attached to the handlebar of the bicycle.


We offer a large number of compatible and complementary components with a bicycle bell such as reflectors and lights which are part of the compulsory components for circulation in the public domain but also peripherals such as handlebars or grips.

Control of a used bicycle bell :

The accessories, components and parts that are offered in our shop are cleaned and checked, for your greatest satisfaction.

  • visual inspection of the bell, body and fixing items
  • functional testing

Our observations allow us to define the general condition of the bicycle bell which is noted from 0 (bad for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).