Bike & bicycle bell

The bike or bicycle bell is one of the mandatory safety components for driving on public roads.



The bike bell is an audible warning which makes it possible to indicate its presence or to warn of a danger.

It can be assembled and used on all types of bicycle: road, mountain bike, fixie, gravelelectric bike and children's bike.

The biggest brands are BtwinCateye and Crane Bell Suzu


A bicycle bell can consist of a bell or a horn or electric. The most classic and widely used model consists of a bell, fixed to the handlebar of the bicycle and actuated by a lever with a finger.

The bike bell is an aesthetic component available in many shapes, colors and materials. The most high-end models can be made by hand.

Sound level:

The horn models are the most powerful, they emit a powerful and short sound, the bell model generate a sharper sound.


The assembly of a bicycle bell is very simple, it only requires a few minutes and a screwdriver or an allen key. It generally consists of a collar designed to be attached to the handlebar of the bicycle.


We offer a large number of compatible and complementary components with a bicycle bell such as reflectors and lights which are part of the compulsory components for circulation in the public domain but also peripherals such as handlebars or grips.

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