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Road bike seat, seatpost and clamp

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The road bike seat and stem assembly are designed to adapt to the morphology of the cyclist in order to personalize his pedaling position.

Criteria for choosing road bike seat and seat posts:

Powerful riders use large gears to pedal with force, in this case they will look for a back position of the road bike seat and the seat post carriage to push the pedals as much as possible. These users will choose long road bike saddles and seatposts that allow a long saddle drop.

The fastest riders have a forward position on the road bike seat in order to be positioned above the crankset, the road bike saddles for this type of use are short and the seatposts are straight with little recoil.

For a search for comfort, the choice of a comfortable road bike seat is not sufficient, it is also necessary to use a seat post which allows adjustments adapted to the use.

A seat clamp is used to hold the seat post to the frame of the road bike, its dimensions match the dimensional characteristics of the seat post and frame.

Brands of road bike seat and seat posts:

The most famous brands of road bike saddles are Fizik, San Marco, Selle Italia, Selle Bassano, each of them offer technologies and shapes intended for a particular use. The available road bicycle saddles can be a women's road bicycle saddle, a comfortable road bike saddle, a racing bicycle saddle.

The brands offering road bike seat posts are more generalist, such as Ritchey, BBB, FSA, Dedacciai, .... they design aluminum models or carbon seat post models.

Our choice of road bike seat and seat posts:

We offer a large number of road bike seats and seat posts of all sizes, shapes and lengths in revised used condition or new from stock clearance and offered at the best price.

More than 350 brands of components are available.