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Here is information on seat tubes for old bikes:

Function :

1. Support:

The seat tube holds the saddle in place on the bike frame, providing support for the rider while riding.

2. Adjustability:

Allows you to adjust the height of the saddle for comfortable positioning of the cyclist on the bike.

3. Shock absorption:

Helps absorb road vibrations to provide increased comfort while driving.

Features :

1. Durable materials:

Seat tubes for vintage bikes are typically made from durable materials such as chromoly steel or aluminum, providing both strength and lightness.

2. Classic Design:

Seat tubes for vintage bikes often feature a classic, timeless design, harmonizing with the retro style of the bike.

3. Specific diameter:

Seat tubes for older bicycles can have specific diameters depending on the model and brand of the bicycle, so it is important to choose the correct diameter to ensure a correct fit.

Popular brands:

1. Brooks England:

Brooks is known for its high-quality bicycle components, including chromoly steel seat tubes, providing durability and classic styling for vintage bikes.

2. Velo Orange:

Velo Orange offers a range of retro bike components, including steel or aluminum seat tubes, tailored to the needs of vintage bike enthusiasts.

3. Thomson:

Thomson manufactures high quality aluminum seat tubes, providing both lightness and strength for older bikes.


Nitto offers a selection of chromoly steel seat tubes, made in Japan with attention to detail and exceptional build quality.

5. Campagnolo:

Campagnolo is an iconic brand in the world of cycling, offering high quality aluminum seat tubes for vintage bikes, offering both performance and retro style.

These brands offer quality seat tubes, designed to meet the specific needs of owners of vintage bikes, offering durability, comfort and retro aesthetics.