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Time trial (time trial or "TT" for short) bicycle seat posts are designed to provide an aerodynamic and efficient position for riders when in a time trial position or triathlon. Here are the main features and some popular brands:

Function :

- Angle adjustment:

Time trial seat posts often allow precise adjustment of the saddle angle to optimize the rider's aerodynamic position

- Aerodynamic shape:

They are often designed with a specific shape to reduce aerodynamic drag and maximize speed.

- Rails:

They can be fitted with carbon or light alloy rails to reduce weight and maximize rigidity.

Features :

- Aerodynamic profile:

Time trial seat posts usually have an aerodynamic profile to minimize air resistance.

- Lightweight construction:

They are made with lightweight materials such as carbon or aluminum to reduce the overall weight of the bike.

- Length adjustment:

Some time trial seat posts offer length adjustment to allow the rider to find the optimal position.

- Fastening system :

They can use different fixing systems, such as screws or quick releases, for easy and secure adjustment.

- Compatibility with accessories:

Some time trial seat posts are compatible with accessories such as bottle cages or saddle bags to allow the rider to carry supplies during the race.

Popular brands:

1. Fizik
2. Profile Design
3. Ritchey
4. PRO (Shimano)
5. Vision
6. Bontrager (Trek)
7. 3T
8. Zipp

These brands offer a range of high quality time trial seatposts, offering different options in terms of weight, shape and adjustments to meet cyclists' needs for performance and comfort during time trial races. the watch and triathlon events.