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The pedals of a touring bike are designed to provide comfort and efficiency over long distances, on different types of terrain. Here are their characteristics and standards:

1. Function:

The main function of the pedals on a touring bike is to transfer the rider's power to the cranks to move the bike forward, while providing good comfort for extended journeys. They must also provide good control and grip in different driving conditions.

2. Materials:

Touring bike pedals are often made from aluminum, steel, or composite to provide a good balance of lightweight, durability, and resistance to wear. The contact surfaces can be equipped with metal or plastic studs for better grip.

3. Design:

The design of touring bike pedals can vary depending on the rider's preferences, but they are generally platform or mixed type (platform on one side and automatic on the other). This allows the cyclist to choose between using normal shoes or clip-on cycling shoes, depending on their needs and the terrain.

4. Size:

Touring bike pedals are typically medium to large in size to provide good support for the rider's feet, while being light enough to not add unnecessary weight to the bike.

5. Fixing:

As mentioned previously, touring bike pedals can be platform or automatic. Clipless pedals use a system of clips or cleats to attach the rider's shoes to the pedals, providing greater control and improved pedaling efficiency.

6. Maintenance:

It is important to maintain touring bike pedals regularly to ensure their proper functioning and extend their lifespan. This may include regular cleaning, lubricating rotating mechanisms and replacing worn or damaged pedals if necessary.

In summary, the pedals of a touring bike are designed to provide comfort, efficiency and control over long distances and different types of terrain. They can be platform or automatic, made of aluminum, steel or composite, and provide good grip in a variety of driving conditions.