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Time trial bike (CLM) pedals are specially designed to meet the needs of cyclists engaged in time trial races, where every second counts. Here are their main characteristics and standards:

1. Aerodynamics:

CLM pedals are often designed with an aerodynamic profile to reduce drag and improve the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the bike.

2. Lightness:

They are generally made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon to minimize weight and optimize the performance of the bike.

3. Wide Platform:

CLM pedals can have a wider platform to provide a better contact surface with the rider's shoe, which improves power transmission and comfort over long distances.

4. Automatic fixation:

They are often compatible with automatic fixation systems (pedals and cleats) to allow a secure connection between the rider and the bike, providing better control and increased pedaling efficiency.

5. Quick Adjust System:

Some CLM pedals may be equipped with quick adjust mechanisms to make cleat entry and exit easier and faster during transitions.

6. Compatibility:

CLM pedals are generally compatible with standard road bike bottom brackets, although there may be variations depending on the manufacturer and specific model.

7. Maintenance:

As with all bicycle pedals, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal operation, particularly with regard to lubrication of the axles and replacement of worn cleats.

In summary, time trial bike pedals are designed to provide maximum performance, lightness and aerodynamics, allowing cyclists to maximize their efficiency and speed during time trials.