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Derailleurs on children's bicycles perform the same function as on adult bicycles, but they are adapted to the needs and specifications of children. Here is a description of their function, characteristics and standards:

Function :

The derailleur on a child's bike allows you to change gears by moving the chain from one cog to the other on the cassette at the rear of the bike. This allows the child to adapt the pedaling resistance according to the terrain and their own physical capacity.

Features :

1. Suitable size:

Children's bicycle derailleurs are reduced in size to accommodate the smaller dimensions of children's bicycle frames.

2. Simplicity:

They are often designed in a simple and robust manner for easy use by children and to withstand sometimes rougher use.

3. Compatibility:

They must be compatible with transmission systems specific to children's bicycles, which may vary depending on the brand and model.

4. Lightness:

As with any bicycle component intended for children, lightness is often favored to facilitate the handling and use of the bicycle.


Derailleurs for children's bicycles are designed to be compatible with bicycle industry standards in terms of frame mounting, compatibility with transmission systems, etc. However, there may be variations depending on the manufacturer and specific model of children's bike.

In summary, derailleurs for children's bicycles perform the same function as on adult bicycles, but are adapted to the size, ease of use and durability required to meet the needs of young cyclists.