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Shifters on a mountain bike (also called a multi-bike or hybrid bike) serve the essential function of allowing the rider to change gear ratios to suit different riding conditions, whether on the road, on the track cycle or on light trails. Here is a description of their function, characteristics and standards:

Function :

The gear controls on a mountain bike allow the rider to select different transmission ratios to adjust the effort required for pedaling depending on the terrain and the desired speed. They allow you to move from one speed to another, by increasing or decreasing the tension of the chain to change transmission ratio.

Features :

1. Versatility:

Mountain bikes are designed to be versatile, which is reflected in the design of their shifters. They are often designed to provide smooth shifting over a wide range of terrain, whether it's paved roads, dirt paths or cycle paths.

2. Ergonomics:

Shift controls on a mountain bike are generally designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, providing quick and intuitive access to the shift levers. They can be integrated into the brake levers or mounted on the handlebars for easy access without having to take your hands off the handlebars.

3. Reliability:

As with any bicycle component, reliability is an important aspect of gear controls on a mountain bike. They are designed to perform reliably in different weather conditions and terrain types, with robust internal mechanisms and durable construction.


Standards for shifters on mountain bikes can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific model of the bike. However, many mountain bikes use common drivetrain systems such as Shimano or SRAM, which offer a wide range of compatibility with drivetrain components. Mountain bikes can be equipped with front and rear derailleurs, offering a variable number of gears depending on the rider's needs.