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The bicycle chain used in time trial competitions (or individual time trial, CLM) is an essential component that contributes to the efficient transmission of power from the cyclist to the rear wheel, allowing him to maintain a speed maximum during the race. Here is the specific function and features of the time trial bike chain:

Function :

The bicycle chain in a time trial competition essentially performs the same function as in any other type of racing: it transfers the cyclist's pedaling power from the crankset to the rear wheel, thereby propelling the bicycle forward. However, in the specific context of time trialling, the chain must be designed to minimize resistance and maximize drivetrain efficiency to enable the rider to achieve and maintain high speeds for the duration of the race. 'test.

Features :

1. Lightness:

Chains used in time trials are often made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or special alloys to reduce the overall weight of the bike. A lightweight chain helps minimize pedaling resistance and optimize the cyclist's performance.

2. Aerodynamics:

In time trials, air resistance is a determining factor. Therefore, some chains are designed with special links or aerodynamic coatings to reduce drag and improve the overall aerodynamics of the bike.

3. Rigidity:

A stiff chain helps improve drivetrain responsiveness and minimize power loss due to chain flex or deformation while pedaling. This allows the rider to efficiently transfer power to the wheels and maintain a consistent pedaling cadence.

4. Sustainability:

Although lightness and aerodynamics are important features, durability also remains a crucial factor. Bike chains for time trials must be strong enough to withstand the high stresses and wear caused by racing conditions and frequent speed changes.

5. Compatibility:

As with any bicycle chain, compatibility with the bicycle's drive system is essential. It is important to choose a chain suitable for the specific configuration of the bike, especially regarding the number of speeds and the type of cassette or sprocket used.

In summary, the bicycle chain for time trials is designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic, stiff and durable to optimize the rider's performance and minimize pedaling resistance during the race.