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The chain of a pump track mountain bike plays a crucial role in transmitting the rider's pedaling power to the bicycle wheels, while providing strength and durability suitable for pumping movements and tight turns performed on mountain bike tracks. pump track. Here is its function and main characteristics:

Function :

The primary function of a pump track mountain bike's chain is to transfer the rider's pedaling force from the crank chainrings to the rear wheel sprockets, thereby propelling the bike forward. It also allows the rider to change gear ratios by moving the chain between different chainrings or sprockets using the front and rear derailleurs. In the context of the pump track, the chain is also used during pumping movements, which consist of using the terrain of the track to generate speed without pedaling.

Features :

1. Sustainability:

Pump track mountain bikes are subject to rapid, repetitive pumping movements, as well as sharp turns and jumps. Therefore, the chain of a pump track mountain bike is manufactured with special materials and treatments to provide increased durability and resistance to wear, impact and high stresses encountered during these movements.

2. Robustness:

Pump track mountain bike chains are reinforced to withstand the high stresses experienced during pumping movements and tight turns. They are designed to prevent breakage or derailment, even under aggressive driving conditions.

3. Compatibility:

Pump track MTB chains are compatible with specific MTB drivetrain configurations, which can vary depending on the number of speeds, crankset type and frame geometry. It is important to choose a chain compatible with the transmission system of your mountain bike for optimal operation.

4. Width:

Pump track mountain bikes can be equipped with single-speed or multi-speed transmissions. Therefore, the chain width may vary depending on the number of speeds and the type of crankset used. It is essential to choose an appropriate width chain to ensure proper engagement with the chainrings and sprockets.

5. Maintenance:

Like all moving parts of a bicycle, the chain requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal operation. This includes cleaning, lubrication and periodic replacement to prevent excessive wear and extend the life of the transmission.

In summary, the chain of a pump track mountain bike is an essential component that provides durability, robustness and compatibility with the pumping movements and tight turns encountered on pump tracks. It ensures efficient transmission of the cyclist's pedaling power to the bicycle wheels, while providing increased resistance to shock and wear.