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The chain of a hybrid bike fulfills the same function as that of other types of bicycles: it transmits the pedaling power of the cyclist to the wheels of the bicycle. However, due to the specificities of the VTC and its various uses on different types of terrain, the chain may have some distinct characteristics. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

Function :

The main function of a hybrid bike chain is to transfer the cyclist's pedaling force to the bicycle wheels, thereby propelling the bicycle forward. It is made up of interconnected links that engage with the sprockets of the crankset and rear wheel, creating a continuous rotating movement as the rider pedals.

Features :

1. Sustainability:

Hybrid bikes are designed to be versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paved roads, dirt roads and light trails. Therefore, a VTC's chain is generally designed to be sturdy and durable to withstand these different types of terrain and varied use.

2. Transmission Compatibility:

A hybrid bike's chain is designed to be compatible with the bike's drivetrain configuration, particularly in terms of number of speeds and compatibility with the crankset and rear wheel sprockets.

3. Wear resistance:

As with all bicycle chains, a hybrid bike's chain must be resistant to wear to ensure smooth and reliable operation over long distances and in varied conditions.

4. Width:

Hybrid vehicles can be equipped with single-speed or multi-speed transmissions. Therefore, the chain width may vary depending on the bike's drivetrain configuration.

5. Anti-corrosion treatment:

Since hybrid bikes are often used in wet and muddy conditions, some chains may be treated with anti-corrosion coatings to extend their life and reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris.

In summary, the chain of a hybrid bike performs the same basic function as that of other types of bicycles, but it is designed to meet the specific requirements of the hybrid bike in terms of durability, compatibility with the drivetrain and resistance to wear and tear. wear on a variety of terrains.