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A time trial bicycle crankset, also called a "time trial crankset" or "triathlon crankset", is a specific component designed to optimize the performance of cyclists during time trial competitions or triathlons. Here is a description of its function and main characteristics:

1. Power transmission function:

Just like a standard crankset, the time trial bike crankset converts the circular motion of the rider's legs into the rotational motion of the bike's wheels, thereby propelling the bike forward.

2. Optimization of aerodynamics:

Unlike standard cranksets, time trial bike cranksets are often designed with specifically profiled chainrings and cranks to reduce aerodynamic drag. This may include chainrings with special aerodynamic shapes or cranks with a thinner profile to reduce air resistance and improve pedaling efficiency at high speeds.

3. Integration with other components:

Time trial bike cranksets are often designed to be seamlessly integrated with other aerodynamic components, such as bike frames, profiled wheels, and handlebars. This creates a coherent and high-performance package for time trial competitions.

4. Lightness and rigidity:

As with any high-end component intended for competition, time trial bike cranksets are typically made from lightweight, stiff materials, such as premium carbon or aluminum. This helps minimize the weight of the bike and maximizes power transmission from the rider to the wheels.

5. Compatibility with transmission system:

Time trial bike cranksets are often designed to be compatible with high-end drivetrain systems, such as electronic drivetrains, to ensure fast and precise gear changes during competitions.

6. Specific settings:

Time trial bike cranksets can be fitted with specific features allowing fine adjustments to optimize the position of the chainrings in relation to the cranks, for example to improve chain alignment or reduce friction.

In summary, time trial bicycle cranksets are components specially designed to maximize the performance of cyclists during time trial competitions or triathlons. They are characterized by their aerodynamics, lightness, rigidity and integration with other aerodynamic components, thus offering an optimal solution for athletes looking for maximum performance during their time trials.