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The handlebars on a BMX Freestyle Park play a crucial role in bike control, stability and precision of movement when performing tricks on skatepark obstacles. Here is a description of its function, its characteristics and the associated standards:

Function :

1. Bike control:

The handlebars allow the rider to steer the bike and adjust its trajectory during jumps and tricks on ramps, quarter-pipes and other skatepark obstacles, providing precise and responsive control.

2. Stability:

A well-designed handlebar provides a stable platform for the rider's hands, allowing them to maintain balance and position during tricks and aerial rotations.

Features :

1. Shape:

BMX Freestyle Park handlebars generally have a straight, flat shape to provide a comfortable and stable grip. Some models may feature a slight forward bend to promote a more aggressive riding position.

2. Width:

The width of the handlebars may vary depending on the rider's preferences and park riding practice. Wider handlebars provide better stability and control, while narrower handlebars can help the bike's responsiveness and handling.

3. Height:

Handlebar height can also vary depending on rider preference and bike geometry. Some handlebars have a standard height, while others are lower to promote a lower, aerodynamic riding position.

4. Material:

BMX Freestyle Park handlebars are generally made of chromoly steel or aluminum to combine lightness and impact resistance. Some high-end models can be made of carbon to reduce weight while maintaining the necessary strength.


1. Diameter:

BMX Freestyle Park handlebars are typically available in standard 22.2mm (7/8 inch) diameters to fit standard size clamps and stems.

2. Stem Compatibility:

It is important to choose a handlebar compatible with the bicycle stem to ensure safe and stable mounting. Handlebars are usually attached to the stem using clamps or screws.

In summary, the handlebars on a BMX Freestyle Park are an essential component that provides the rider with precise and responsive control of the bike when performing tricks on skatepark obstacles. With specific features such as shape, width and material, it contributes to an optimal riding experience and allows riders to push their limits and explore new playgrounds in a controlled and safe environment.