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The handlebars of a gravel bike play a vital role in steering and controlling the bike on a variety of terrains. Here are its main functions and characteristics:

Function :

1. Management control:

The handlebar allows the rider to steer the bike by turning the handlebars left or right, providing precise steering control.

2. Driving position:

The choice of handlebar type can influence the rider's riding position. Some handlebars offer a more raised and relaxed position, while others favor a more aggressive and aerodynamic position.

3. Stability:

A good handlebar helps maintain the stability of the bike, which is especially important when riding on varied terrain such as dirt roads and gravel.

4. Ergonomics:

The handlebars are designed to provide a comfortable, ergonomic grip, allowing the rider to ride for extended periods of time without excessive hand or arm fatigue.

Features :

1. Shape:

Gravel bike handlebars come in a variety of shapes, each offering specific benefits in terms of riding position, comfort and control. Common shapes include drop-bar, flared-drop, flat-bar and bullhorn handlebars, each suited to different riding styles and personal preferences.

2. Width:

Handlebar width may vary depending on bike frame size and rider preference. Wider handlebars generally provide better stability and control on technical terrain, while narrower handlebars promote a more aerodynamic position.

3. Flare:

Some gravel bike handlebars feature a flare, meaning the ends of the handlebars are angled slightly outward. This provides a more natural driving position and better stability when driving on technical terrain or during tight turns.

4. Compatibility with accessories:

Some handlebars are equipped with mounts to mount accessories such as bottle cages, panniers or navigation systems, providing greater versatility for long journeys or bikepacking adventures.
In summary, a gravel bike's handlebar is a critical component that influences riding position, bike control, and rider comfort on a variety of terrains. With a wide variety of shapes and features available, there are options to suit every driving style and personal preference.