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The handlebars of a freeride mountain bike are specially designed to meet the demands of this discipline which involves technical descents, jumps, and various obstacles on uneven terrain. Here are some typical features of a freeride mountain bike handlebar:

1. Width:

Freeride mountain bike handlebars are generally wider than those used for other disciplines. Greater width provides better stability, control and confidence on fast descents.

2. Elevation:

They often have a greater rise to allow a higher position for the pilot. This helps improve handling and visibility on steep descents.

3. Material:

Freeride mountain bike handlebars are generally made from high-quality aluminum or composite materials to ensure an optimal combination of lightness and strength.

4. Shape:

Some freeride mountain bike handlebars may have a specific shape, for example, with a slight bulge in the central part to improve grip and control.

5. Backsweep and Upsweep:

Backsweep refers to tilting the handlebars backwards, while upsweep refers to tilting upwards. Freeride mountain bike handlebars can have specific angles to best adapt to the rider's position during descents.

6. Reinforcements:

Some models of freeride mountain bike handlebars incorporate additional reinforcements, such as Kevlar or carbon reinforcements, to improve shock resistance and reduce vibrations.

7. Diameter:

Handlebar diameter can vary, but most modern handlebars have a diameter of 31.8mm. Make sure the handlebar diameter matches that of the stem for proper fitment.

8. Weight:

Although lightness is typically sought after in mountain bike components, freeride handlebars can be a compromise between lightness and durability, prioritizing strength to withstand the stresses of aggressive descents.

When choosing a freeride mountain bike handlebar, it is important to consider your own riding style, personal preferences and the overall setup of your bike. Check the manufacturer's recommendations and, if possible, test different models to find the one that best suits your freeride experience.