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The handlebars on a trials mountain bike are an essential element that influences the maneuverability, control and comfort of the bike when practicing this discipline which emphasizes the precise crossing of obstacles. Here is a description of its function, its characteristics and the associated standards:

Function :

1. Directional control:

The handlebars allow the rider to steer the bicycle by transferring their steering movements to the front wheels.

2. Balance and stability:

A well-designed handlebar contributes to the balance and stability of the bike by providing a comfortable and ergonomic riding position, which is crucial for maintaining control when navigating obstacles.

Features :

1. Width:

Trial mountain bike handlebars are generally narrower than those used in other mountain biking disciplines. This allows the rider to have better handling and control when precisely handling the bike in technical sections.

2. Height:

Trials handlebars often have a reduced height to maintain a low center of gravity, which improves the stability and responsiveness of the bike when navigating obstacles.

3. Shape and curvature:

Trials handlebars can have different shapes and curvatures to suit the rider's preferences for riding position and comfort. Some models may feature a rearward curvature to provide a more aggressive stance, while others may be straight for a more neutral stance.

4. Construction material:

Trial mountain bike handlebars are generally made of aluminum to combine lightness and strength. Some high-end models may be made of carbon to further reduce weight while retaining the stiffness needed for precise handling.


1. Diameter:

Trial MTB handlebars are generally compatible with common diameter stems, such as 31.8mm. It is important to choose a handlebar compatible with the diameter of the stem to ensure a secure fit and efficient transmission of force.

2. Length:

Trials handlebars come in different lengths, but are generally shorter than those used in other mountain biking disciplines to provide better handling and control in technical sections.

In summary, the handlebars of a trials mountain bike are a crucial element that influences the handling, control and comfort of the bike when practicing this demanding discipline. With specific features such as reduced width, low height and adapted shape, it offers optimal performance in technical trials situations.