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The characteristics of an antique bicycle frame may vary depending on the era in which it was manufactured and its intended use. However, here are some general characteristics that can often be found on an old bicycle frame:

1. Steel material:

Old bicycle frames were usually made from steel. Steel was the most commonly used material before the widespread introduction of aluminum, titanium and carbon in frame manufacturing.

2. Classic geometry:

Older bicycle frames may have more relaxed geometry compared to contemporary models. This can result in a more horizontal top tube and different head and seat tube angles.

3. Visible welds:

On some older frames, especially those made before the widespread use of TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, the welds may be more visible. These welds often add to the aesthetics of the frame.

4. Eyelets for luggage rack and mudguards:

Older bicycle frames, especially those designed for utility or touring use, may have eyelets welded in to make it easier to install racks and mudguards.

5. Frame legs:

The frame dropouts, where the wheels are attached, can be designed for specific mounting systems. Older bikes may have horizontal dropouts to allow fine adjustment of chain tension.

6. Fixings for external cables:

Older bike frames may have external mountings for brake and shift cables. This is different from modern designs which tend to route cables inside the frame.

7. Threaded headset:

Some older frames use a threaded headset rather than the more modern threadless headset system known as Aheadset.

8. Angled seat tube:

Most bicycle frames have a rearward-angled seat tube. However, lean design can vary depending on the era and style of bike.

9. Specific frame sizes:

Old bicycle frames often came in specific frame sizes, as opposed to modern frames which can sometimes be more standardized.

10. Hand Painted Finish:

Some antique frames may have a hand-painted finish with decorative details, stylized logos and classic colors.

These features help give antique bicycle frames their unique aesthetic and demonstrate how bicycle frame design has evolved over time.