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A road bike fork specifically designed for time trials (CLM) or triathlon generally has distinct features compared to a standard road bike fork. Here are some of the features and specifications that can be found in a dedicated CLM road bike fork:

1. Aerodynamics:

A CLM fork is designed to minimize aerodynamic drag. It is often profiled to reduce wind resistance and promote better air penetration, which is essential for time trials where every second counts.

2. Integration:

CLM forks can be designed to integrate seamlessly with other bicycle components, such as the frame, handlebars and wheels. This integration aims to further reduce drag and improve the overall aerodynamics of the bike.

3. Rigidity:

The rigidity of the fork is important to ensure a precise and direct response to steering forces, especially at high speeds. CLM forks are often built with specific materials and shapes to provide optimal rigidity without sacrificing weight.

4. Reduced weight:

Although aerodynamics is a priority, weight also remains an important factor in the overall performance of the bike. CLM forks are often designed to be lightweight while still providing the levels of stiffness needed for performance.

5. Carbon fiber construction:

Many CLM forks are made from carbon fiber to combine lightness, rigidity and aerodynamics. Carbon offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and allows for a sophisticated design to optimize aerodynamic performance.

6. Discreet front wheel mount:

In cases where the fork is designed for use with a disc front wheel (for time trial bikes equipped with disc brakes), the wheel mount can be integrated in a way to minimize drag.

In summary, a road bike fork for time trials is specifically designed to optimize aerodynamics, stiffness and weight to provide maximum performance during these races where every second counts.