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The stem on a time trial bike plays a crucial role in positioning the rider to optimize aerodynamics and comfort during time trials. Here is a description of its function, characteristics and specific standards for time trial bikes:

Function :

The stem on a time trial bike connects the handlebars to the steering steerer of the fork. Its main function is to position the handlebars at the right height and distance from the cyclist, which directly influences its aerodynamic position and comfort during exercise.

Features :

1. Aerodynamics:

Time trial bike stems are often designed to minimize aerodynamic drag. They can feature streamlined shapes, clean lines and specific integrations to reduce air resistance.

2. Height and length adjustment:

Time trial bike stems generally allow height and length adjustment to allow cyclists to find their optimal position based on their body shape and preferences.

3. Rigidity:

A stiff stem is important to ensure effective transmission of the rider's force to the handlebars, especially during sprints and intense efforts. Stems for time trial bikes are typically designed to provide high rigidity while minimizing weight.

4. Integration:

Many time trial bike stems are designed for optimal integration with other bike components, such as handlebars and cables, for a sleek look and better aerodynamic performance.


Stems for time trial bikes are generally compatible with the same standards as traditional stems, particularly with regard to the diameter of the steering pivot (usually 1 1/8 inch or 1.5 inch for time trial bikes). -the high-end watch), the diameter of the handlebar (usually 31.8 mm) and the length of the stem.

However, due to the emphasis on aerodynamics and integration, some time trial bike stems may have specific features and adjustment options that differ from traditional stems.

In summary, the stem on a time trial bike is designed to optimize aerodynamics, comfort and stiffness. It allows the handlebars to be positioned at the correct height and distance from the rider, while offering adjustment and integration options for optimal performance during time trial races.