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The maintenance of your bicycle may require the use of bike tools that are sometimes specific and often standard.

Bike tools:

The assembly or replacement of certain components may require the use of bike tools specific to the brand and model of the parts concerned.

Bike accessories are generally assembled without or with standard tyoe allen key tools.

There are also multifunction tools that are compact and light, they are intended to be transported and used for troubleshooting during a ride.

Parts and components manufacturers offer specific tools for the components they design, but there are also brands specializing in the manufacture of compatible bike tools such as Var toolsPark tool or Lezyne.

For the maintenance of your bike we advise you to have basic bike tools, such as a workshop stand and a multi-tool, however a chain tool, a pedal wrench, a chain whip or a wrench. are also regularly useful equipments. The specific bike tools are intended for operations for an experienced user, such as replacing a bottom bracket for example.

Certain very high-end materials such as carbon require special attention, in particular concerning the values ​​of the tightening torques which must be respected in order not to crack or break the fibers of this material.

You will find in our shop a selection of tools for your bike in used condition or new cleared always at the best price, available in stock.

Maintenance of your bike:

We advise you to regularly clean your bike with soapy water without pressure, the use of a high-pressure cleaner is strongly discouraged because with this device water can lift the seals and get into the bearings and allow their corrosion . The objective is to avoid the accumulation of dust and grease which could limit the functionnality of certain components such as bike wheels, derailleurs, shifters, shock absorbers, forks or brake calipers.

For lubrication, oils and greases specific to the bicycle exist and are particularly suitable, in fact, they do not conserve pollutants.

As for the automobile there are polishers and polishes in order to restore shine to your frame or your fork.

It is sometimes more efficient to disassemble certain components to clean them effectively, this is the case of a MTB cassette in which the dust accumulates between the sprockets.

When a hydraulic item leaks, the oil that escapes is very corrosive, it is essential to quickly clean the sprayed area with a degreaser and replace the defective part.

Abnormal noises can also indicate a lack of lubrication, this is the case when the derailleur rollers whistle. When this type of anomaly occurs, the wear by friction of the components can be very fast, it is therefore necessary to lubricate all the items as quickly as possible.