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The vintage bicycle parts designed and produced at the end of the nineteenth, early twentieth century (until 1970), were generally made in very small series or individually by craftsmen who have mostly disappeared. It therefore sometimes becomes difficult to maintain or repair an old bike because vintage bicycle parts are no longer available because they are no longer produced.

Our offer of vintage bicycle parts :

We offer a wide choice of components and accessories for the maintenance and renovation of your old bike, unfortunately it is rarely possible to know with precision and certainty the year of manufacture of vintage bicycle parts. When the name of the manufacturer and the model are identified, we specify it in the advertisement, as well as the general condition.

Before choosing a vintage bicycle parts, it is necessary to clearly identify the characteristics of the components on which this part will be assembled because if today the parts and accessories are designed according to international standards, this was not the case in the period in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when the technical definition of a bicycle was local or national. In fact, the characteristics of the internal threads or threads of the fork pivot, the pedals, the wheel axles, the crank axle were produced according to pitches and / or diameters which are no longer used today.

The materials and technics used for the manufacture of vintage bicycle parts have also evolved, in fact, the saddles of the time were made of leather several millimeters thick which after several hours of use took the shape of the l anatomy of the user cyclist; cotton, cork or wood for rims were used for the manufacture of the grips and bar tape, the rims were made of wood and the cranksets in chromed steel with wedge.

Brands of vintage bicycle parts that have disappeared:

If some brands have become 100 years old and continue their development such as Brooks England, Mavic or Sturmey Archer, many others have disappeared such as Simplex, Mafac, Huret, Cyclo, A.Duprat, Ideal, ...

Globalization has unfortunately generated the disappearance of many national brands but also the arrival of manufacturers capable of mass-producing standard components such as Shimano or Campagnolo. As a result of this rationalization of manufacturers, the implementation of standards has become essential in order to meet ever larger volumes.

Checks of vintage bicycle parts :

All parts, components and accessories that we offer are inspected before they are released for sale. Here is the list of checks we carry out for each part:

  • cleaning
  • visual inspection
  • functionality check
  • inspection of screwed, tapped and threaded elements

On the basis of these observations we define an overall score corresponding to the general condition of the part concerned from 0 for parts to 10 new in its packaging.