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The tires of a gravel give it versatility, they are fitted with spikes of low height close to each other, their section offer a good compromise between comfort, grip and low rolling resistance on the road.

Constitution of a gravel bike tire:

The gravel bike tire consist of a thick tread in order to resist puncture due to the intrusion of flint or thorns. The tread is glued to this yoke, it consists of crampons intended for grip on roads and on land, it shape allows good water evacuation, they are rather close together to not limit rolling resistance on road.

The rubber of the tread and the tread can be of different colors to give a vintage look to your gravel .

Choice of gravel bike tire:

Several criteria are used to determine the gravel tires correspondance with your use and your equipment.

Indeed, the width of the gravel bike tire must be compatible with the width of its rims, it section must allow the passage of the tire in the fork and inside the frame.

A wide tire section will allow good grip on the roads and bring comfort, on the other hand on the road it will create more inertia and be less rolling. Customizing the tire pressure value of your gravel will also determine its behavior and comfort on land and on the road.

The biggest brands are: Schwalbe , Michelin, Hutchinson, Panaracer, Vittoria, Pirelli ...

There are also tubulars whose selection criteria will be rather similar to those of tires except for compatibility with the rims because they are glued on so the width of the rims does not condition the section of the tubular. The advantage of the hose is that it can be driven at low pressures without the risk of a puncture by pinching, on the other hand, in the event of a puncture, it will be necessary to replace it in its entirety, unlike a tire in which the replacement of the air tube allows to leave.

Gravel bike tire assembly:

The assembly of the tires on the gravel bike rims does not require specific tools, it is a simple operation which can be carried out by all the cyclists. However, a set of tire levers may be necessary and a pump fitted with a pressure gauge for precise adjustment of the pressure value.

Butyl inner tubes are the most common and standard but there are also latex inner tubes which are lighter and more flexible, they can improve the comfort and grip of your gravel bike tire.

Tips: mounting the inner tube in the tire and on the rim can be made easier by using talc.

Replacement of a gravel bike tire:

Changing gravel bike tire may be needed when cracks appear on the tread or on the sidewalls, or when deep cuts are visible on the braking band, and finally when repetitive punctures occur.