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Use of road bike wheels and tires :

Depending on your practice and your use, your need will not be the same, indeed a competitor will look for a pair of light, rigid and low rolling resistance wheels while a touring cyclist will have more interest in bicycle wheels comfortable and solid road.

Wheels with high profile rims are used for aerodynamics research for triathlon or time trials.

Compatibility of road bike wheels and tires:

The road bike wheels are made up of more than fifty parts: tires, inner tube or tubulars, rim tape, rims, spokes, front or rear hubs, axles, bearings, wheel locks, freewheel, spokes, spokes heads are the key components for the performance of your road bike.

The choice of a pair of road bike wheels and road bike tires will depend on criterias, the main ones of which we have listed below:

  • their diameter acceptable by your road bike,
  • the braking system: disc or pad,
  • tire or tubular?
  • the rim profile: flat or profiled,
  • the number of speeds acceptable by the freewheel of the rear wheel and it brand compatibility
  • the bearings
  • the weight

The freewheel body is designed for one or more bicycle drivetrain brands, Shimano and Sram have the same imprints, however the interface for assembling a Campagnolo cassette is different.

Maintenance of road bike wheels and tires :

The road bike wheels and road bike tires are subjected to high stresses due to vibrations, shocks and other mechanical forces which all of the components of these wheels must withstand.

Fortunately, many parts can be replaced in the event of a fault, the spokes, bearings, freewheel, tires, tubes or hoses can be replaced.

In order to keep your pair of road bike wheels and your road bike tires in the best working condition, we advise you to clean them regularly with soapy water without pressure and to periodically perform a visual inspection of the tires and components making up the wheels of your road bike.

Equipment manufacturers are specialized in the design and manufacture of high-end road bike wheels such as Mavic, Zipp, Fulcrum, ... These brands develop road bike wheels for which the search for performance is maximum, rims, spokes and hubs are often specific to the models offered and can generally only be repaired by approved bicycle dealers.

Components for road bike wheels and tires:

We offer a wide number of accessories and parts for repairing your road bike wheels from more than 350 brands available in stock at the best price for all types of road cycling practices.