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They also have a safety function because they seal the ends of the BMX handlebars if they are closed or by adding plugs.

Choice of BMX bike grips :

Their characteristics will depend on the use to be made of them, race BMX bike grips will have designs for better grip with gloves while those intended for freestyle BMX will be rather smooth for a grip with bare hands.

The length of the grips of a BMX bike can be variable and chosen according to the position of the hands on the handlebars that one wishes to obtain.

The material of the handles of a BMX can be a rather rigid rubber elastomer or a flexible silicone which generates better grip but will have a shorter lifespan.

The grips of a BMX bike can consist of a flange on the side of the stem so that the hands cannot slip on the tube of the handlebar of the BMX, this extension is mainly used on BMX race.

BMX bike grips brands :

Since the grips of a BMX bike are a technical wear component, many brands have specialized in their design and manufacture. The top-of-the-range models consist of removable screw-on caps which hold up well in the event of a fall or impact and a screw-on collar whose function is to prevent the rotation of the handles on the BMX handlebars.

Lizardskins, Odi are some examples of well-known specialty brands.

BMX bike grips assembly :

To facilitate the disassembly of the grips of the BMX handlebars we recommend sliding a Phillips screwdriver whose length is equivalent to that of the handle to be removed, spraying a special bicycle degreaser between the grip and the handlebar tube. The handle will thus come off the handlebars of the BMX by turning it on the tube. Once the grip is removed, all you have to do is remove the elastomer and degreaser residue with a rag.

To assemble the handles, we recommend that you apply liquid soap to the handlebar tube and then position the grip by pushing it. As it dries, the soap will tend to “stick” the grip on the BMX handlebar tube. Avoid depositing liquid soap on the outside of the handle because some materials can have a chemical reaction, in which case the grip can become “sticky”.

When to replace your BMX grips ?

the end of life of a BMX bike grips is reached when :

  • that they can turn on the handlebars,
  • their material is "sticky",
  • they are torn,
  • their end is pierced revealing the handlebar tube
  • the drawings on the grip interface disappear

For BMX bike grips whose ends are closed but which after a fall open, it is possible to purchase plugs to close the handlebar tube.