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Shimano bottom bracket Altus square axle 116 mm

Shimano bottom bracket Altus square axle 116 mm

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Shimano bottom bracket Altus BB-CT91/LP 26, new

  • length 116 mm,

  • square axle,

  • screws supplied,

  • for a frame width 70 mm,

  • italian thread 36 x 24T,

  • weight 370 grams

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Use :

This Shimano bottom bracket Altus has a square axle and is designed to be used on a MTB, road bikefixie or city bike.



The assembly of this Shimano bottom bracket Altus requires a Shimano standard tightening & loosening tool, a set of Allen keys or a pipe wrench and a Shimano crank extractor.


Methodology :

Assembling or replacing a Shimano bottom bracket requires specific tools and knowledge of the procedure to follow, it is an operation to be performed by an experienced person.

  • Loosen and remove the crank screws
  • Put the Shimano extractor on each of the cranks to extract them from the bottom bracket
  • Use the loosening tool on the bottom bracket, unscrew and then remove the bottom bracket
  • Put grease the threads of the bottom bracket 
  • Torque the Shimano bottom bracket Altus into the frame using the Shimano standard tightening tool 
  • Put the chain on one of the chainring of the right crank
  • Assemble the cranks on the Shimano bottom bracket
  • Screw and torque tighten the crank fixing screws on the axle


Compatibility of the shimano bottom bracket altus:

It is assembled in a 70 mm wide frame, threaded with a 1.37x24 pitch (BSA standard) and Shimano cranks whose tightening interface is square.


This type of Shimano bottom bracket does not require adjustment or maintenance. A simple cleaning with soapy water to remove the accumulation of soil or pollutants at the clamping interfaces is recommended. The bearings are in a sealed cartridge, they can neither be disassembled nor adjusted.

The axle bearings of the Shimano bottom bracket may take up movement when the cranks are impacted or when the quantity of grease becomes insufficient inside between the balls and in the bearing tracks, in this case it will be necessary to replace the bottom bracket.


Accessories :

We offer a large number of components compatible with this Shimano bottom bracket such as fixing screws for cranks, cranksetschains and derailleurs available in stock coming from more than 350 brands available in stock at the best price.


Data sheet

9: new without packaging
116 mm
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